June 08

New Polls Show Which Candidates Different Countries Prefer

Now that the primary is wrapped up (besides DC) and we basically know the two candidates for each party, we can get a better sense of the matchup between the two candidates and what we can expect in the general election. But more importantly, we can know what other countries think about the two, and which one they prefer.

It may come as a shock, but Mexico prefers Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. The percentage? 88%. Since that start of his campaign, Trump has flexed a strong arm against Mexico, and has promised his constituents he will make the country pay for a wall on our southern border. He also promises no amnesty, and to send back all illegal immigrant.

Trump, however, has found favor with two other countries: Russia and China. New polls have shown these countries prefer the Republican candidate to Clinton. In fact, many of Trump’s supporters prefer him to Clinton because of the relationship he will have with these two superpowers. Trump continuously says that we need to enhance our relationship with Russia and toughen up against China. It appears from these polls, that these countries agree, and want to see Trump in the White House.