Donald Trump To Speak At His Country Club in Westchester

After a crazy day for Donald Trump, he must have been happy he scheduled his speech tonight at his very own golf course in Westchester, New York. Getting off the train from New York City, there is a great sense of calm and peace in this suburb. Driving through the sleepy town of Briarcliff, there are policemen at every road, waiting Donald Trump’s arrival.

The media has been waiting in the club house since 1 pm. Before he speaks, there is a reception held in a separate room. The secret service and police that surround the clubhouse are as if the candidate is already president.

And as everyone waits with anticipation, there is a change: teleprompters. Trump’s signature is normally to speak straight from his heart, but he and his campaign know that if he wants to beat Clinton, he has to step up his game.

Before this event, Trump sent out a message to everyone via social media. He said that he is done talking about Trump University and the Judge ordeal. As the media crowds into the back of the room, however, we can guess this will be one of the first questions asked.

The buzz waiting for Trump is one of great excitement. Trump rarely holds events like these, giving the press a real chance to get close to him and ask various questions. Trump knows that he needs to get even more aggressive in his campaign. From the comfort of his golf course in his home state, he picked the perfect spot on the night of the final primaries. Even the reporters are excited to see the candidate up close, and excited to be in his club house.

After tonight, the primary is officially over and everyone will transition to the Trump versus Clinton race. Really, the true election is just about to start