Trump Supporters Come to His Defense Over Judge Comments

The Never Trump Movement Continues

Just when it seemed like the Republicans were finally coming together behind the presumptive Republican nominee, the #nevertrump movement got a fresh wind. Senator Lindsey Graham told the New York Times that he urges Republicans to back out from supporting Donald Trump. He said that if they were “looking for an off-ramp,” they have found it. He is referring to Donald Trump’s recent comments on Judge Curiel in regard to a Trump University lawsuit in California.

Trump made comments that Judge Curiel was biased towards him because of his Mexican heritage. As Curiel was born in Indiana, but his parents are from Mexico. Many have spoken out against Trump, stating that this is pure racism. Trump said that because of his stance on illegal immigration, Curiel is biased towards his Trump University case. Many politicians have come out against this comment. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, said it is his worst comment yet, and “inexcusable.”

Other politicians have come out in waves against Trump’s comments. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in fact, said it is the “textbook definition of racist comment.” John Kasich said in a tweet that Trump should “apologize to Curiel and try to unite this country.”

Trump, however, is not backing down, and wants Judge Curiel to recuse himself to “eliminate any doubt as to motivation in court rulings.” Despite intense criticism, Trump is not backing down from his comments or offering any apology.

And many Trump’s supporters are not backing down either. Joseph Murray wrote an article for Breitbart, titled, “Donald Trump Is Correct to Hit ‘La Raza’ Judge for Latino Identity Politics.” He opens the article with Gingrich stating that “this is one of the worst mistakes Trump has made,” and then explains why it is not. Murray writes how it is normal for a judge to be recused due to a bias.

Many Trump supporters are tired of this kind of political correctness they feel Trump is being attacked for. Murray wrote, “Translated, ‘la raza; means ‘the race.’ Imagine the outcry if white attorneys from Mississippi, such as this author, started a legal association called ‘The Race’ with the stated mission to promote the interest of white, Southern communities. Hollywood stars and entertainers, such as Bryan Adams, would boycott the state in perpetuity. Murray continued, “How was it unreasonable to suggest that a judge belonging to a group pledging to advance latino interests might be biased against the man who wants to build the wall that hinders the interests of Latino politicians?”

So while these recent Judge comments seem like the end of Trump’s popularity, there are many Americans who agree with him despite what politicians and the media says. In fact, this is the exact reason they voted for him. All bets are off in this election cycle, and we have to expect the unexpected. We expect this to be the end of Trump, but if we look to his past, after events like this his poll numbers somehow always increased.