June 04


Who is Gary Johnson?

Have you been following the election, and still cannot find a candidate to support? Then Gary Johnson wants your vote.
Who is Gary Johnson? He is the former Republican governor of New Mexico, and the Libertarian nominee. In the beginning of May, Johnson was already polling at 10%. For a third party candidate, that number is huge. If he reaches 15%, he will be able to be part of the general election debates.
Johnson is confident in his chance to beat the Republican and Democrat candidates, telling Connell McShane from FOX Business Network, “we wouldn’t be doing this if there weren’t the opportunity to win the White House.” Johnson said that “Most Americans are Libertarians, they just don’t know it.”
Until November, he plans to convince these Americans to vote for him. And in this election season, where anything is possible, this third party ticket is already making an impact.

While many people insist third party’s have no chance in the general election, the current state of affairs could not be more advantageous for just this group. Johnson is already making national news. If he can continue to get press coverage, his poll numbers have a good chance of hitting that coveted 15 percent he needs to really get on the debate stage. As viewer numbers for the debates so far have already been high, Johnson could very easily become a household name. And more importantly, he can win votes from Republicans who still how #nevertrump.

But for the party, his run may be disruptive. While Johnson insists he will draw voters from both the Republicans and the Democrats, his political past is part of the GOP. He has a picture perfect political success story, as he is self made and was a successful governor. Johnson, however, wants to show Americans that they may identify the most with Libertarian values. Less government, more freedom, is something that many Republicans definitely agree with. And moreover, Johnson is a fan of legalizing marijuana. For many millenials, this may give him the cool factor he needs to convince them he’s not the stereotype of an uptight Republican. Johnson is also singing a different tune when it comes to immigration, drawing in those who are against Trump’s plan.

The Libertarian candidate wants to far right on the economy and left of social issues. For many young Republicans, this is the candidate they have been looking for.

Whether or not Gary Johnson can actually make it to the White House is still yet to be seen. But in this election, we have seen that anything can happen, so there is definitely a possibility. If Trump and Clinton go at it too hard against one another, Johnson could be the one to step in a pick up the pieces.