Clinton Goes All Out Against Trump

With less than a week left before the California Primary, the last primary before the party’s nominate their candidate, Clinton has gone full speed ahead against Trump. Her recent attack ads have not been against Bernie Sanders, who is ahead of her in the polls, but against the presumptive Republican nominee. Clinton’s tactic is to prove Trump is as big as a fraud as she says Trump University is. As Trump U is under fire in San Diego in California, Clinton wants to emphasize to the voters that if she does not get their vote, the nation will be left to a schemer.

Trump has gone on the defense, telling a rally in San Jose, California, that Hillary belongs in jail. But the real fight for Clinton right now is not Trump, but instead her Democrat competitor. Sanders is leading in the polls, and more importantly, in the polls that cover undecided voters. Sanders has pushed hard in this state, promising his supporters they will “win big.” While Clinton focused on Trump, Sanders is gaining momentum in the most populated state. A loss for Clinton will be detrimental to her nomination, but she is willing to take the risk as she continues to go after Donald Trump.

The former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, has come to Clinton’s defense. She said that Clinton’s emails would not kill anyone, while Trump’s foreign policy would. Trump’s supporters have immediately come to his defense, stating that if her email was hacked, crucial classified documents could land in the wrong hands.

We can expect that Trump will be digging up what he can on Clinton before next week. Trump right now is using her emails as his point of attack, but he will most likely be trying to find new ammunition. The GOP is relatively unified now behind Trump, and he will go full steam ahead against Clinton. Sanders, in the meantime, is using this to his advantage to win big in California.