Paul Ryan Says He Will Vote Trump

There is no doubt that Speaker Paul Ryan is a star in the GOP. The young Congressman rose to national fame when he ran as Mitt Romney’s VP, but even before then he was well known on Capitol Hill. As the Republican Party has tried to rebrand itself to show its voters it is a party for small business owners, Ryan was the perfect poster child. As soon as he was sworn into office, Ryan has pledged himself to increasing economic welfare by decreasing government involvement. He has tackled issues such as welfare reform and the war on poverty. While he did not make it to the White House, he remained a strong arm in Congress. So much so, that when Speaker John Boehner suddenly announced his resignation, the Freedom Caucus chose him to lead instead of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who was next in line to the position.

Furthermorw, since Ryan has taken on this role, there has been relative cohesion in Congress. A budget crisis was avoided in December due to his negotiations, and Internet commenters give him much less criticism than they did to Boehner, who they dubbed a “RINO,” meaning “Republican in name only.”

For these reasons above, Ryan’s support for Donald Trump carries a lot of weight. When he said weeks ago that he was undecided about Trump, the media erupted. Did this mean he would seek the nomination? Mitt Romney has openly encouraged anyone to run against Donald Trump, and as they were former running mates, the whispers could not be stopped. More than anything, because a run from Ryan would have been disruptive. For the #nevertrump movement, Ryan would have been the perfect person.

We know that Ryan and Trump met in DC a few weeks ago, and both said the meeting had been productive. But today, Ryan’s announcement is a milestone. As the leader of the majority in the House, Ryan will have influence with not only donors, but with the politicians in his own party. Especially, those who were on the fence. And for the general election, Ryan’s support will help with the coveted Independent vote, which is crucial in purple states to win the White House.

There are still some politicians who promise to never support Donald Trump. Marco Rubio pledged his support, but his fellow Floridian said he never will. That person is Jeb Bush; who is mostly likely still licking his wounds from some brutal attacks from Trump.

At long last, it seems like the Republican Party is finally coming together against a candidate many swore to never support.