The Current State of Affairs in the GOP

It is extremely hard to believe that a year ago, we had no clue who would be our nominee a year from then. While, of course, everyone had a theory who would win and why, it was impossible to know until the first few states. And even after those, so much can change in an election that nothing is set in stone until the November in the general election. We saw 17 candidates dwindle down to three, and even saw the second place candidate choose a Vice President. We saw candidates with millions of dollars in donation money drop out of the race, and we saw Mitt Romney come out of reclusion to urge his fellow Republicans to not vote for Donald Trump. This did not work. Really, if a year ago someone said Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee, many would laugh, and many did laugh. But the joke is now on these people, as Trump has received more Republican votes than any other candidate in election history.

And now, we are about to reach the homestretch for the Republican Primary. The California Primary is June 7th. As California is America’s most populated state, some would say it is the most important. Donald Trump is the only Republican left officially in the race, but will still want to make a big splash in this state. Especially because there is still the #nevertrump movement going on, and they are desperately trying to find reasons Trump should not be the nominee. Trump has secured the nomination in every way except the formal offer, but there are still rumors someone like Paul Ryan will try to sweep in and take it from Trump.

Even though it seems like we have been in election season already for a long period of time, the most important part is just about to start. The Republican Primary is always hard, but the real fight will start against the Democrat nominee in the general election. Luckily for Trump, it now appears it is the Democrats who are falling apart instead of the GOP. Regardless, it is now time for Trump to convince those Independent voters, as well as the Republicans who signed the #nevertrump pledge, that he is actually their guy.

The primary in general seems to have calmed down, and there is not the same frantic energy that there was a year ago. Trump is going into California with the state already under his belt, and will most likely cruise his way to victory. But his fight now has to be against Clinton, who has already turned all her attention on him. November is just a few months away. If the GOP can truly unite behind Trump while Clinton has to deal with Bernie Sanders protesters, he truly does have a chance.

While the GOP primary started off with so many question marks, it seems as though the party is truly finding some sense of cohesion and unity. A year ago, this seemed impossible. Instead, we see a solid Republican candidate, while Clinton is still battling to keep her first place spot.