Monthly Archives: May 2016

May 10

Another Clue to the Ryan, Trump Feud

Today, Paul Ryan added another bit of fuel to the fire of his recent lack of endorsement for Donald Trump. Last week, Ryan said that he was not ready to get behind Trump yet. This normally would have been okay, but after Kasich and Cruz suspended their campaigns, Ryan’s opinion on the presumptive nominee is […]

May 08

The Paul Ryan Conspiracy Theory

Paul Ryan’s rise in the Republican Party has been interesting to watch. We bring him up today, because of his recent comments this week about Donald Trump. Now, there have, of course, been many comments that range from positive to negative when it comes to Trump, but Ryan’s are in particular interesting and noteworthy. And […]

May 06

Republicans Take Sides Over Trump

There were already various movements going on in regards to Donald Trump. Certain politicians and celebrities came out in either full support or full opposition for the business billionaire, but in general, there was no need to publicly state an opinion. Now, after this week, politicians are coming clean on whether or not they can […]

May 05

And Then, There Was Trump

The 2016 Republican election cycle started out like a wild goose chase. With 17 candidate, each individual brought something different but still the same to the campaign stage. They all had their following, their dedication to conservative values, and their track record as a politician or CEO. The only one who really stood out from […]

May 04

Tonight, Donald Trump Makes History

Tonight, history has been made. Senator Ted Cruz has officially suspended his campaign, days after officially announcing his Vice President running mate. The Texas senator was confident about the outcome in Indiana, and truly believed that despite Trump’s recent victories, the American people would turn him around and see him as the only real candidate […]

May 02

All Eyes Turn to Indiana

Another week, another state. This week, the nation turns towards Indiana as we cross our fingers for the candidate of our choice to win. But this week, Indiana means much more than other states as June 7th approaches, and the candidates need to rake in as many delegates and as many votes as possible before […]

May 02

Glenn Beck Gives Ominous Message to Listeners

In our technology era, news has changed completely. You no longer have to wait till 5pm to find out what happened that day, or flip open the paper in the morning to read about world news. Instead, you have information constantly available and the news cycle is 24 hours 7 days a week. Because of […]