May 31

Email Scandal Continues to Haunt Clinton

Hillary Clinton must have never thought that having her own server while Secretary of State could cost her the chance of becoming president. Of course, if she knew, she would have followed protocol and used a secure server. But what if she did know? What if she wanted to have her own server so she could delete certain emails and make her own deals?

These are the types of questions that continue to haunt Clinton as she runs for the Democrat nomination. While she has said this a witch hunt, questions like this have chipped away at her campaign. When those who oppose Clinton describe her, many use the word “untrustworthy,” and the email scandal continue to highlight this quality. Moreover, her opponents, will use it to their benefit to prove that untrustworthiness is not one of her qualities.

Over a year after Clinton first had to address using a private server, many people still feel they do not have the answers they need. She continues to say that it was simply easier for her, but others ask why she could not figure out using two emails. In the general election, we can expect Donald Trump to go after this issue until he is blue in the face. It will go together with the narrative that she is a corrupt politician, working for her own self interest. In an election that is all about going against the political elite, the email scandal hurts Clinton. Voters want a candidate who is a Washington outsider, not someone who is using the system for their personal power. This email scandal, as well as details like her accepting six hundred thousand for a speech she gave to Goldman Sachs, are all details that leave a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

It seemed like Hillary Clinton was going to basically win the nomination without any fight at all. Instead, we ironically see her battling a senator from Vermont who has started a “revolution,” while a reality TV, real estate billionaire, easily soared his way to victory. And now, an NSA whistleblower has said Clinton’s email was open to being hacked. All of this greatly hurts Clinton’s narrative that she is the best person to be the next Commander in Chief.

While many believe Trump will have no chance against Clinton in the general election, there are parts of Clinton’s campaign that still have not gone away. The email scandal is one of them, and there are still whispers that she will be indicted. Because of these factors, Trump really does have a chance to beat her if she is the candidate.