May 26

Why Donald Trump Won GOP Primary

Today, Donald Trump officially put to rest all talks of a contested convention, talks of him not being the nominee, and talks of him not having what it takes.

Just weeks ago, in fact, Senator Ted Cruz hinted to Glenn Beck that if he had the support, his campaign could easily come back. There were still rumors that Mitt Romney would pull some sort of move, or that Paul Ryan would storm the stage and become the nominee. Although Donald Trump won more popular votes than any other candidate in Republican history, his naysayers started pointing out the need for delegates. Now, while most Americans have never even heard this term, party leaders needed to start to look between the lines to find a reason Donald Trump should not be the nominee. John Kasich started pushing this idea on his social media platforms, and Ted Cruz moved maneuvered his way to secure more delegates in states like South Carolina than Trump. The media published articles on how Donald Trump could not possibly win all the delegates he needed (1,237) before the last primary on June 7th. But today, he put that to bed, and now has the golden number plus the votes to really dispute any person who says he should not be the nominee.

And really, what Trump has done is huge. If you think about the entire narrative of his campaign, this truly was a movement. It started with everyone thinking he had no chance. Almost every odd was against him. The media did nothing but talk about him negatively to try and ruin his reputation. The Party leaders did not endorse him, nor did Republican politicians. But as it so happens, both of these factors worked to Donald Trump’s favor. In a political environment that distrusts and is tired of both these institutions, their negative coverage and negative comments did nothing but boost Donald Trump’s poll numbers. Trump was the underdog, but for millions of voters around the country, this was the exact reason they would vote for him. As an outsider from these “corrupt” politicians, they believe Trump can finally bring the change that they have been yearning for the past eight years.

It is incredibly ironic that Donald Trump has secured the delegates he needed before Hillary Clinton. Trump, who has never been a public service, who started his campaign with the Party and the media against him; and the, Clinton, who has been set up to run for years, who has the DNC on her side, and who only had to beat an unknown senator from Vermont. Trump went up against 17 longtime, well known Republicans. Instead, this senator sparked the same type of reaction that Donald Trump did, and Clinton has found herself in a worse position that Trump. Even though the chances are extremely high she will win the nomination, she is already behind Trump in the polls, and is viewed to be extremely unfavorable as a politician.

Timing is everything in life, and Trump could  not have picked a better time to seek the GOP nomination. The Party, in fact, has been waiting for him for years. Trump supporters have been tired of the way the Washington elite have been handling their problems. They truly did feel, that America is not “great anymore.” So here comes Trump, and outsider and underdog, who makes a promise. He stands in front of his private jet, he shows his wealth as collateral, and all his voters have believed him. The more that politicians spoke out against him, the more Trump proved that he was not part of this “corrupt” crowd. The more the media slammed him, the more Trump pointed his finger at how they and this political elite have stopped listening to the American people. And now, Trump has made history in a big way. And more importantly, he has won. He beat every person that laughed at him and said he had no chance. He beat every person that actively tried to ruin his reputation and take away his votes. And not only did he just win, he left his competitors in the dust.

While this sounds like a pro-Trump rant, you really do have to step back from this situation, and look at it from a third party perspective. If you do, there is absolutely no denying that this has been a campaign that will go down in the books. Everything will change after Donald Trump, especially if he becomes president. While many would say it will be for the better and the opposite would say for the worse, the change has actually been inevitable for years. All that happened, was that this energy for change finally found its spokesperson in this billionaire Real Estate mogul. People want more action, they want to feel like the country is moving forward, and they want to see their daily lives improve. In order for that to happen, they had to find someone who was completely opposite than the typical Washington politician who says the same lines every night on CNN or Fox News. And here, lies the reason Trump won.

Now, as we turn to the general election, Trump finds himself in a similar situation, but this time against Clinton. We will have to wait to see if history repeats itself.