May 24

Why Donald Trump Has a Chance

Donald Trump posted a quote on his social media accounts weeks ago, that went like this:

“First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then they fight you, then they win.”-Mahatma Ghandi

Posted during the end of February, this post could not have been more accurate for Trump’s campaign. Standing in front of a stadium filled with his supporters, Trump looked larger than life. During this time, so many people still doubted his chance to win the Republican nomination. They looked at all the other candidates, with lower poll numbers, and insisted that there would all of a sudden be a huge change in the American people, and that everyone who supported him would “wake up.”

As we know now, this did not happen. Instead, Trump followed this model exactly. While it was hard to ignore him in the beginning of the primary, people ignored how serious of a candidate he was and the impact he would have. Because of this, his poll numbers staid sky high, while other candidates started to drop out. Then, they did laugh at him. There are memes all over the Internet, articles that slice him apart, and numerous spoofs on SNL. Trump laughed along with the jokes, and even appeared on Jimmy Fallon. Then, the fight began. We saw it the most between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. We also saw who won. Then, just like the quote, Trump won.

And now, as Trump squares off against Hillary Clinton, the situation could not be more of a deja vu. Right now, everyone is ignoring the chance he has to beat this Democrat candidate. This week, the Real Clear Politics average of national polls had Trump beating Clinton. On Rasmussen, he beat her by multiple points. We are seeing the exact same thing as the primary. Even though the media says he has no chance, his poll numbers are saying something else. And while there is always room for error in polls, Trump proved that they have a purpose, as he remained first place in many polls the entire length of his primary race. Now, Trump is doing the same thing against Clinton. And as he has pointed out, he has not even “started” to go after her yet. His campaign has spent millions of dollars less than hers, and he has only just started to point out why she would be a bad candidate. As he has done this, his poll numbers have increased.

The media and Democrats do not take Trump seriously, and are ignoring his chance that he could actually win right now. They think it is impossible. Even many Republicans think it is impossible. But, as we saw in the GOP primary, what the media says versus what many Americans vote could not be more different in this race. Trump is running to win, and now, for the first time, has surpassed Clinton in this prestigious national poll. Clinton has turned her campaign to go full steam ahead against Trump, and knows it will be a dirty campaign. Trump, as we know, is not afraid of these types of hits, and will normally hit back even harder.

They say that history repeats itself, and just like last summer, we are almost in the same position again. Even though Trump is ahead in the polls, so many people still doubt he has any chance in getting to that Oval Office. He is already half way there, and if this same model applies, he really has a chance to go all the way.