OK State Legislature Passes Major Anti-Abortion Law

While abortion is legal nationwide due to the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case in 1973, there are anti-abortion groups that are doing everything in their power to reverse this ruling. Every year, there is an annual “March for Life,” with anti-abortion protesters swarming the nation’s capital with the hope to pressure law makers to take serious action against a law they believe should be illegal. There are adamant lawmakers, such as former Representative Michelle Bachman, who did everything in their power to introduce legislation that makes abortion illegal. But while this effort has tried to make an impact for years on the federal level, those against abortion feel there are not enough results to further their cause. And yesterday, we saw a real step from one state in particular to enact drastic measures to ensure abortion is completely eliminated. This state, was Oklahoma.

This may come as a shock to those who are pro-choice, while it also comes as a victory for those who are pro-life. While Governor Mary Fallin has not said yet whether or not she will sign the bill into law, the point is to try and bring this action nationwide, and use it to overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling.

In the bill that passed, it makes performing an abortion a felony, and any doctor that chooses to do so will lose their license. There are also zero exceptions for rape or incest. The only exception is that if the mother’s life is in serious danger.

This was passed in Oklahoma’s legislature with no debate, and only one Senator has stepped forward to speak out against the bill. A Republican, the senator is also a doctor, and said that this bill was “insane.”

More than anything, this bill shows the ever present conflict and tension between the federal and the state governments. We saw a similar situation occur a few weeks ago with the North Carolina transgender law. Since the beginning of our country government, there has been the ever present debate over state versus federal rights. States are now starting to act more radically in order to move their issue into law, as they feel the federal government should not have authority, or that the federal government is not working fast enough in their interest. Senator Nathan Dahm told the Associated Press that he believes “it’s a core function of state government to defend that life form the beginning of conception.” We see here, a staunch example of a state rights versus the Supreme Court’s authority over a nationwide law.

With this recent bill, we can expect the issue of abortion to be more prevalent in the election cycle. Donald Trump was not entirely sure his views on the issue, while he has stated in the past he supports Planned Parenthood. For many conservatives, they believe abortion to be murder, and are not willing to compromise on the issue. Furthermore, even though Roe v. Wade exists, they are dedicated to finding a way to make abortion illegal again in this country. In Oklahoma’s case, they are using their own state legislature to take drastic action against abortion.