Fox News Warms Up to Trump

Last night, everyone held their breath as we once again saw Megyn Kelly and Donald  Trump go at it. The first time was at the first Republican debate in August, where Kelly fired questions about Trump’s treatment of women. Trump was not happy about this, and immediately called out Fox News for trying to attack him on the debate stage while giving the other candidates an advantage. Turns out, this allegation was not that far from the truth. According to an article published on Salon, Rupert Murdoch himself pushed Kelly to take down Trump. Fox News knows it has power over the Republican voters, so they tried to use that power to dissuade voters early on in the game from the “Trump train.” Well, this clearly did not work, as Trump scored more Republican votes than any other candidate in history. Fox News, the Republican power house, of course had to change their tactic.

In this same Salon article, the author complains how Kelly’s interview with Trump could not have been softer, and if anything built the candidate up instead of reading him down. This article makes excellent points in the fact that it is clear that despite Trump’s insults towards Kelly, she has forgiven and forgotten. We can only expect that someone higher up than she encouraged this olive branch interview, and for good reason. If Fox News wants to keep their loyal viewers, they as well have to get on the Trump train. Regardless of what happened in the past, Trump has been the clear winner, and the network chose to get on board.

There is no doubt that Fox News is a powerhouse; and for this reason, there reconciliation with Trump will also give him power. It is definitely a mutually beneficial relationship. As they get on board with the candidate, they will give him that final push he needs to squash any potential third party run, or a contested convention. It came out last week that Romney was pushing various people to run as a third party candidate. The chance is still there, especially even for Ted Cruz to come back, so Fox News will help lower those odds significantly.

Furthermore, this relationship will help the Republican Party on a whole against the Democrats. As media outlets work more now like Super PACs, garnering support for a candidate, Fox News will help break that image of a fragmented party which the left media loves to point out. And now, ironically, it is the left that looks as though they are in civil war. While Trump fought against the establishment, it appears he ha made peace as he met with party leaders in Washingon last week and now made peace with Megyn Kelly as well. Instead, it is the left party leaders who Bernie Sanders and his supporters accuse of rigging the system against him and purposefully giving Clinton an advantage over him.

The primary is always the hardest part for a Republican candidate, but this time, Trump seems to be making amends with those who can help him win. While at first defying the system, his votes have made him the clear front runner. Now, if the Party leaders and the media powerhouses do really get behind him, they can start the push together against the Democrats.