New to Gingrich for Trump’s VP?

After Senator Ted Cruz made the surprise announcement that he chose Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate, people started to wonder who Trump would choose. Cruz’s announcement came as such a surprise, that there was no time for political commentators to speculate and make predictions. There was also no time for his voters and social media commenters to lay in their two cents. Since Cruz did this, many have started to wonder who Trump will pick if he becomes the nominee. The only clue is that he said he wants someone who knows Capitol Hill like the back of his hand.

When a candidate picks a VP, it is always in some way to win more votes or to get an edge. For example, Fiorina’s gender was a huge bonus for Cruz, especially as she goes up against Hillary Clinton and Trump’s statements about women. Romney chose Ryan because of his dedication to economic issues and his age. There are already talks about Trump choosing Senator Portman because he is from Ohio which is a swing state, or Carson because he is from Florida. The point is that there is so much more that goes into choosing a VP than meets the eye. But in this election; we can expect Trump to be aware of this issue but not dependent on it. As a candidate who makes his own rules, Trump will choose someone that he thinks will help him the most, and not base his choice just on polling data or a purple state potential victory.

As Trump has been hanging out recently with Ben Carson, the media has already thrown the idea out there that he could be the one. Carson, the former candidate, is African American which would help dispel the allegations that Trump is a bleeding heart racist. Carson has said that these questions are not true. There is also a question of whether of not Trump would choose Governor Chris Christie, another former candidate who was the first major league politician to openly endorse Donald Trump. While these are both chances, both candidates will probably instead get places in Trump’s cabinet. We can bet Christie still has eyes on the White House, and will run again in eight years. But now, the most recent potential VP candidate rumor is none other than Newt Gingrich.

On Elephant News Facebook site, I asked who users would want to see as Trump’s VP. I gave three choices: Cruz, Kasich, or other. Surprisingly, most people put other. And more surprisingly, a lot of people wrote Newt Gingrich. I found this option absolutely the most surprising. While Gingrich is still a political commentator and regularly on Fox News or CNN, I expected people to choose someone who was currently in politics. Gingrich was House Speaker for many years. Furthermore, he led a huge Republican majority. For those before my millennial time, Gingrich is actually super popular and well liked. And as for Trump’s desire to pick a candidate with immense Hill experience, there is really no better choice than a former speaker. Gingrich knows the right people in Washington. And more importantly, the far right does not dislike him for this detail. He has somehow been part of the Republican Party elite without ostracizing the Tea Party loyalists. While knowing the system, he also is not currently part of it. For these reasons, Gingrich may just be who Trump needs.