Gingrich and Boehner Push Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign shifted quite significantly over these past few weeks. Before, it was the world shocked when Governor Chris Christie formally endorsed him for president, and many wrote it off that it was just because he was mad at the GOP. But now,  real political hard hitters are starting to throw the punches for Donald Trump. Who’s throwing the hardest? John Boehner and Newt Gingrich.

First, we saw an unofficial show of support for Trump from Boehner. While Boehner did not come out and openly praise Trump, he did come out and openly bash Ted Cruz. Boehner made it very clear that Cruz becoming president was far worse of an option that Trump. He said that while he was golf buddies with Trump, Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh.” His opinion on his former colleague could not be more clear. This week, while speaking at SALT in Las Vegas, Boehner continued his rant against the senator from Texas. He joked that an Satanic group called him, and were offended that he would compare Satan to such a person. Boehner spoke about how bad the government shutdown was, and promised everyone that Trump will not be as bad as he seems.

While Cruz loved this criticism and uses it as proof he is not part of the corrupt Washingotn elite while Trump is, there are many people who see Boehner’s many years as Speaker of the House and understand the influence he has with many circles. Furthermore, as he is clearly opinionated, they believe that maybe Trump really is not that bad as the Speaker promises. While Cruz tried to use this comment to help him, he lost the Indiana primary afterwards to Trump and then suspended his campaign. Boehner’s comments helped legitimize Trump and the potential of his campaign to go all the way to the White House. At a time when everything was still up in the air between Trump and Cruz, Boehner’s weight helped to push them in Trump’s favor.

And now, another former Speaker of the House is coming out with praise for Donald Trump. In fact, he officially endorsed him. He told Sean Hannity that as Trump has won more Republican votes than any other Republican primary, he must be doing something right. Gingrich is a regular media fixture on major news stations, and is constantly asked for his political opinion. When a politician really knows the ins and outs of Washington and has actual experience on the Hill, their opinion means a lot and their endorsement means even more for a candidate.

There is a general sense of seriousness now in Trump’s campaign. Yesterday, he met with Washington’s most powerful, and promised everyone the meetings went well. With this and with Boehner and Gingrich pushing for him, the “establishment’s” tone may change regarding Donald Trump extremely soon. Experience goes a long way in DC, and Gingrich and Boehner were former Speakers. This means a lot to Trump’s campaign, and will very much help him in these next few months.