The Political Power of Sarah Palin

In politics, endorsements go a long way. So do political opinions, and support for ideas or legislation. But some politicians have much more sway and influence than others. Ironically, these same politicians sometime have more critics and enemies than others. In our current political environment, there is one who really stands out above the rest as a true influencer, and a true ignitor of change, and that person is Sarah Palin.

Now, that last sentence will probably cause some sort of reaction either positively or negatively, depending on how you view Palin. If you love her, then there is a definite acclamation and agreement. Palin’s opinion on who she wants to run for office, what she wants done in Washington, and where she stands on an issue goes such a far way for those who follow her and support her. Even though Palin does not hold political office right now, as soon as she comments on an issue she it immediately circulates around the Internet. There was a whole day of anticipation when she said she would announce who she was endorsing for the Republican nomination, and whether you like her or not, her endorsement did give Trump a significant boost in his campaign. Senator Ted Cruz has even stated that her support of him helped his election to be a Texas senator. And if you dislike Palin, then you probably read that sentence above and felt apprehension. “There is no way she can ignite change, she is a joke!” But even a thought like that is just a further example of the power she has, and the change she really ignites. Palin represents a movement, and is effective when she acts. So much so, that those who are against her try to belittle her and write her off to somehow undermine the power she has, and take away this momentum she always brings to the media and to politics in general.

Palin, more than anyone, is the toughest on Washington, and is the Tea Party queen. She definitely broke away from Senator John McCain while she ran as his VP, and became a political star. She drew huge crowds, and people waited hours to see her or listen to her talk. And before the Donald Trump “no teleprompter,” she was already doing this, speaking from her heart to thousands of people, and in doing so, winning their hearts. At this exact same time, she was creating enemies and critics. This is the true mark of a powerful politician. When someone is so strong in their convictions, there is someone else just as strongly against them.

For years, the same downplay of Sarah Palin has been applied to the Tea Party in general. Everyone thought this “radical” type of conservatism would soon fizzle out. Instead, we have seen some serious changes to the Republican Party in general. For a start, Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary to an unknown economics professor in Florida. Palin supported Congressman Dave Brat in his election, and Brat is now a part of the powerful Freedom Caucus in Congress. This same Freedom Caucus had the power to stop Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker of the House, and Ryan had to meet with them before he hoped to assume this position of power.The Tea Party, which one theory states started in opposition to President George Bush and corporate conservatism that took power away from the blue collar Republican, refused to accept Jeb Bush in this election cycle. As many “radical” groups start because people in the party are disatisfied with the party’s actions, others state the party formed because of President Obama. The first rally took place in 2009, so both reasons are disputed. In any case, the former candidate, from a political dynasty, was thought by so many people to be the easy, natural Republican nominee. Instead, he suspended his race after South Carolina, and did not win one state. Really, all of the Republican sweethearts that were thought to be the nominees dropped out. Instead, it was the two Tea Party favorites who did the best and who won the most votes.

The Tea Party has not just been a political outburst, and instead, has been a steady movement that has had some serious results. Everyone still seems so shocked that Donald Trump is somehow the only Republican candidate left, and it is this same person who does not take the Tea Party seriously. It is this same person who does not take Sarah Palin seriously. And it is also this same person who argues for tolerance and for democracy for all, but then refuses to acknowledge a different, more conservative point of view. They laugh at it, they mock it, but in the end, it is this group that is coming out in huge numbers for Donald Trump. In many ways, Sarah Palin has been the constant leader of this group. She represents a group that is against big money politicians, against big government and big taxes, and against Washington corruption. For these reasons, she might be one of the most political powerful individuals in America.