Cruz Hints at a Comeback

As every lawyer, author, and poet knows, there are power in your words. The power lies in the ability to use them to your advantage, or interpret words to someone else’s disadvantage. For this reason, there is special attention right now to the word “suspend.”

You might have noticed that when all candidate announce that they are not running for the presidency anymore, they use this word. Everyone interprets the word to mean that the campaign is finished, and the candidate is dropping out of the race. But the magic of the word is that “suspend” does mean finish, but it also leaves a door open to start the campaign again. Really, suspend is closest to pause, and gives the candidate the opportunity to easily enter back into the race. In politics, it is not over until it is over, especially in a primary. And in this primary season especially, that phrase could not be more true.

So today, everyone is hanging on to Ted Cruz’s latest statement. As a graduate from Harvard Law, Cruz definitely understands the power of words. When he was “suspending” his campaign, he said that it was due to the fact that he did not see a future for the campaign with a clear path to victory. Today, he verified that the future is unknown, and this situation could easily change. If it does, the suspended campaign will all of a sudden be back in action. His own words were:

“The reason we suspended the race last week is…I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.”

As we have seen this past year, a lot can change in the day. Cruz has not given up his delegates, so we can assume he is more than likely planning to still try to become the nominee. While there was a general sense of calm the beginning of this week, now it seems like the calm is actually a temporary cease fire as all candidates and different political factions reassess their strategy and game plan. While before we may have thought Trump was most definitely the presumptive candidate, and the Republican civil war was finally over, we have seen this week that this is most probably not the case. There are rumors Paul Ryan could all of a sudden become the nominee, there are clues that Cruz will reawaken his suspended campaign, and there are predictions that no matter what we will somehow see a third party candidate throw themselves into the mix. A contested convention is still a possibility on the horizon, even if Trump has the most popular votes than any Republican candidate in history. There are so many different opinions and so many different theories that it seems impossible the party can all come together and agree on just one person. Until we get to that date, we will most likely see more hints and clues to what we should expect come July. One thing that will almost certainly be true is that it will not be boring, not matter what the outcome may be.