Another Clue to the Ryan, Trump Feud

Today, Paul Ryan added another bit of fuel to the fire of his recent lack of endorsement for Donald Trump. Last week, Ryan said that he was not ready to get behind Trump yet. This normally would have been okay, but after Kasich and Cruz suspended their campaigns, Ryan’s opinion on the presumptive nominee is extra important. Especially, because he is chairman of the GOP convention.

But today, the plot thickened as Ryan said he would gladly step down from his position if Trump does become the nominee and asks Ryan to do so. This announcement seems a little surprising, and in of itself, a little presumptive. When questioned further, Ryan assured everyone that he just wants to get to know Trump before he comes out and supports him as the nominee.

The reason that this is important is that if Ryan does not support Trump in the end, what is the alternative? Is the Speaker of the House just not going to vote in the general election? What type of example does that give to the people who are in the party, and for the Speaker himself who is trying to get Congressman to constantly compromise and find common ground? Jeb Bush has already stated he will not vote for Trump, but basically that means he is voting for Clinton. A non vote is equivalent to a vote, it just tips the scale to one candidate’s favor.

The other reason this is important is there are constant rumors that Romney is going to do something before July, and as Ryan was his running mate in 2012, we can expect him to also be involved. If there is a contested convention, there is almost no doubt that somehow, Ryan will be thrown into the mix as a potential candidate. And just like he all of a sudden became Speaker of the House, there is a high chance he could just all of a sudden become the Republican nominee in the general election.

This House of Cards type of plot is spreading like wildfire, and those who are against the system view this as an example of the Party refusing to listen to the will of the people. Those against Trump, however, are trying to find a way to make the people realize they are being blindsided by Trump. Even if there is a Republican nominee through the normal Convention process, there is the chance for an Independent to quickly join the race. That could be Ryan or Romney, but if Trump is not nominated for the GOP, it could also be Trump.

The Republican Party is at a turning point, and different politicians are coming out in support for Trump as the presumptive nominee. Once Ryan meets with Trump, we will have a better idea if these rumors are simply just DC gossip, or if they are whispers of the truth.