The Paul Ryan Conspiracy Theory

Paul Ryan’s rise in the Republican Party has been interesting to watch. We bring him up today, because of his recent comments this week about Donald Trump. Now, there have, of course, been many comments that range from positive to negative when it comes to Trump, but Ryan’s are in particular interesting and noteworthy. And the reason they are different than other political comments is because Ryan may have an ulterior motive when it comes to the July convention.

First and foremost, there has been an obvious change in the GOP environment since Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns. In fact, many political leaders and many Republican voters I have spoken with have said that they are all for Trump. At last, there seemed to be some unity. But as always, there are murmurs and conspiracy theories floating around the Internet. Even if these are far fetched and there is no truth in them whatsoever, they are at least fun to think about on a Sunday night.

So for Ryan, we ask ourselves why he will not get fully behind Donald Trump. First, we decided to look at Ryan’s own career. He went from a young, dynamic Congressman to Vice President candidate for the White House. While his resume was impressive, Ryan was in no way flashy. Many people only learned of him when Mitt Romney said he was choosing him as a VP. Ryan decided to make the economy his issue, and he put his head down and really did everything he could for economic reform. His hard work paid off, and suddenly he was on the campaign forefront next to the GOP nominee. After their loss in 2012, Ryan returned back to just being a Congressman who wanted to make economic reforms. He tackled the war on poverty and made some welfare changes, so while he was still in the media, it was again for his policies instead of some flashy headline. This worked out again for him. When Speaker John Boehner announced he was stepping down from his post and resigning from Congress, Congressman Kevin McCarthy seemed like the obvious next speaker. We do not know exactly what went down and what conversations were had, because all of a sudden McCarthy said he was not going to go for the spot, and there was talk that it should be Congressman Ryan. Ryan, however, assured everyone that he had absolutely no intent on becoming the speaker, and instead wanted to focus on his reforms and spend time with his family. A week later, he was the new Speaker of the House.

The pattern here is that while Ryan may say one thing and appear one way, he is a curveball throwing politician. His calm, understated demeanor is one that gives off the impression he is truly in politics for the greater good. He is considered by many to be the future of the Republican Party. And at a time when the future of the Republican Party seems up in the air, many Party leaders might think that Ryan is their answer.

So this week when Ryan said that he was not yet ready to get behind Donald Trump, one can only wonder why that might be. Mitt Romney, who is obviously close with Ryan as his former running mate, has been overly vocal and clear that if there is anyone else in the Party who wants to stand up to Trump or run as an Independent, now is their time. The Bush’s have already said they will not get behind Trump. Jeb Bush has said that he will not even vote for him in November. There are also people on the Internet who still talk of a contested convention. They say that Trump has not received all the delegates he needs yet, and that all the other candidates have simply suspended their campaigns, which means they can come back easily at any time. And Ryan, who has said over and over he will not go for a contested convention, has also said that he would not go for the Speaker of the House; and we all know how true that statement turned out to be.

While everything in the Republican Party seems like it has calmed down, this might turn out to be the calm before the storm instead of the calm after the storm. Donald Trump appears right now to be the presumptive nominee, and politicians and political commentators are trying to decide to either get behind him or arrange a coup d’etat. Politicians like Senator John McCain, Governor Huckabee, Governor Perry, and Governor Christie have already stated their support for Trump, but the question marks are the ones to look out for the most. We can assume Mitt Romney is up to something, and that he will be gathering support from his friends in DC to make sure that Trump is not nominated. And if that is the case, the obvious choice for many people might be to usher in a Republican rising star, who is liked by all and a hard worker. Just like he became Speaker of the House overnight, Ryan might find himself a presidential nominee overnight. Or maybe, he has known this all along, and this is part of the bigger plan for Republican Party leaders.

This election has been full of curveballs, and Ryan might be the biggest curveball yet. The other alternative is that the calm is actually after the storm, and that after a tumultuous primary season, everyone comes together to back Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton.