Republicans Take Sides Over Trump

There were already various movements going on in regards to Donald Trump. Certain politicians and celebrities came out in either full support or full opposition for the business billionaire, but in general, there was no need to publicly state an opinion. Now, after this week, politicians are coming clean on whether or not they can support Trump. Overall, Trump is receiving wide support in comparison to how it seemed he would do before Cruz and Kasich suspended their campaigns.

Here are the most noteworthy endorsements:

Senator Rand Paul. He has a huge Libertarian following, and is strong against Washington corruption. This young senator has a bright future ahead of him, and we can expect to see him running again for president. Although he went head to head with Trump a couple times during the debate, he always said that he would support the Republican nominee, whomever that would be.

Senator John McCain. If you remember, Donald Trump received some serious backlash over his statements about McCain. McCain is a veteran war hero, and really, you do not ever say anything negative about this group when it comes to American politics. Trump did, but McCain is proving to be a bigger person than most and has said he will support Trump’s nomination. His fellow senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, has said he will not. We can also expect McCain’s daughter, Meghan, to take her time to warm up to Trump after his statements about her father.

Governor Mike Huckabee. The governor from Arkansas was already at Trump’s Iowa fundraiser for veterans when he dipped on the Fox News debate. Huckabee has a strong a loyal following, and his influence will help Trump in the general election against Clinton. Especially in her one time home state of Arkansas.

Sean Hannity. While he is not a politician, he seems to have more power than many of them. Hannity has opened up and warmed up to Donald Trump, and is already encouraging his supporters that if they do not as well, it will be four more years of President Obama in the White House. Hannity’s support for Trump is probably the most important endorsement he received all week, and will bring him the furthest when it comes to voter turn out and converting Cruz voters to Trump voters.

On the fence:

Speaker Paul Ryan. The Speaker of the House and former VP candidate said that he was not ready to get behind Trump yet, but he could be in the future. Hannity reacted to this stating that maybe it is time to get a new Speaker in the House.


Then, we have our never Trump Republicans. Leading the charge is of course Mitt Romney. Both Bush presidents have also said that they would not attend the convention this summer, and we can only assume this has to do with the Bush Trump relationship on the campaign trail. Wounds are still a little sore.