And Then, There Was Trump

The 2016 Republican election cycle started out like a wild goose chase. With 17 candidate, each individual brought something different but still the same to the campaign stage. They all had their following, their dedication to conservative values, and their track record as a politician or CEO. The only one who really stood out from this list is ironically the only one who is left. Yesterday, John Kasich announced that he would be suspending his campaign. Gone are the talks of a contested convention. Kasich was the one who was really in for the long haul. As the convention is in his home state, he started to push the idea of a contested convention on all his social media accounts. Before Indiana, Kasich and Cruz even teamed up to try and stop Trump from winning Indiana. Really, almost everything was done to keep the one outsider from being the only insider. But as it so happens in life, Trump is most definitely right now the presumptive nominee.

This means that now that Trump has no Republican to conquer, he has to push all of his attention to defeating Hillary Clinton, who many assume will be the Democrat nominee. She has already changed her campaign strategy to go full steam ahead against Trump. All Democrats, in fact, are pushing the idea that Trump built his campaign on racism, and that the country needs to come together to stop him. Sound familiar? Almost the same strategy was applied to “stop him” from winning the primary. So despite so many being against Trump, there are enough with him that this tactic will be easier said than done.

Trump also is going to have to start drafting a list of potential VP’s. From my own data collected, people on Facebook seem to not want Kasich or Cruz, and instead, are in favor of Ben Carson. There are even talks in the comments about Sarah Palin, who is very popular but seems unlikely given her last run with Senator John McCain. We also see Trump already going more moderate when it comes to key issues that he will need to be a certain way on when going up against Hillary Clinton. For example, he is open to raising minimum wage. While this would hurt many other candidates for “flip flopping,” Trump’s followers seem to believe in him to turn the economy around, so they might be more reluctant to betray their leader.

Some Republicans have burned their cards and promise to vote Hillary Clinton, but this could just be the media’s manipulation to take voters away from Trump. Because the same exact thing happened when Colorado skipped the voting process and Cruz won the state. The general election is just going to get more messy than the primary, as now, the White House is truly on the line.