Tonight, Donald Trump Makes History

Tonight, history has been made. Senator Ted Cruz has officially suspended his campaign, days after officially announcing his Vice President running mate. The Texas senator was confident about the outcome in Indiana, and truly believed that despite Trump’s recent victories, the American people would turn him around and see him as the only real candidate for the Republican Party. So never has the Indiana been so important, and after tonight, there is really no doubt that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and there is also a very good chance he could become president.


Now, why is this historical? If you think back to almost a year ago, Donald Trump’s viability as a true Republican candidate was purely laughable. Basically no one except for his small group of supporters took him seriously. Instead, everyone looked at Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and the other many candidates who had been long time politicians and fit the political box a billion times more than the business billionaire did. Donald Trump, on the other hand, could care less. He started his race at an all out sprint, immediately addressing the elephant in the room: illegal immigration, and going to the extreme about it. His statement that Mexico was sending over “criminal and rapists,” caused shock waves to pass throughout the whole country. But instead of his poll numbers decreasing, his poll numbers increased. Trump continued his controversial statements, saying things that no candidate would ever dare to say. He said that John McCain, who is a Vietnam war veteran, was a coward and was no hero since he got caught. Jaws dropped, but even this statement did not hurt Trump. After this moment, this was real proof that Trump could go all the way, but others were waiting for him to cross another line. He did, but instead of dropping out, he just increased his first place spot, and not once left that middle podium on the campaign stage. In fact, he was so confidently in first that he skipped out on a Fox News debate. Again, this is truly unprecedented.


But at this time, Trump was still not taken seriously. So many people still saw this as a huge fluke. They saw his nomination as a mistake, and that Trump was simply using populist politics to create media frenzy but that it would not be backed up by real votes. And even as he won, this doubt persisted. Trump won more popular votes last week than Romney did his entire primary, but still, people saw that Cruz Fiorina were a better match for the candidacy.


This all changed tonight, as Cruz suspended his campaign. This night is truly historic, because Trump is historic. Last summer, everyone compared Trump to Ross Perot. But instead of him being like Ross Perot, Trump has come in stronger than Ronald Reagan. He has more popular votes than any Republican candidate ever. And all this time, this has happened with people laughing at him and saying there is no reason to take him seriously. Trump has gone against all odds, and most importantly, the media, to take this first place spot. He has gone against all Party leaders who we know have been doing everything behind closed doors to stop his movement and his momentum. Trump has been running a race up a mountain while everyone else has been given the opportunity to take a helicopter up to the top, and somehow, he has still managed to beat every single other Republican candidate.


And despite the context of this, Trump has a murky past there is no denying it. He is breaking the precedent that you need to be a cookie cutter politician in order to have any hope of sitting in the Oval Office. Even Bush was considered more bad because of his DWI’s years and years ago. Trump who is divorced, has cheated on his former wife, has been bankrupt, and is definitely not a “man of the people,” has branded himself in a way that he seems the most relatable out of all the candidates. And more than applying a simple formula, Trump has simply just been himself. He does not have a team of social media interns contriving his tweets and Facebook posts, and simply goes up on stage and just speaks.


Trump has changed politics in many ways for the better. He is an example to future politicians that the days of following a textbook and being a cookie cutter politician are over. Be yourself, go against all odds, and accept nothing short of success. Trump was the last person many expected to be the Republican nominee, and now, out of 17 candidates, there is no doubt left that he will be. And this comes not from the media or the Party leaders telling you how to vote, this all comes from Trump and the connection he has with his voters. There are no lobbyist deals or delegate promises, this is simply Trump. For this reason, history has been made, and it has been made for the better. In his own way, Trump has returned the government voting process to the American people, and has removed all the other parts that were the problem with our democracy. The unofficial fourth and fifth branches of government have had zero influence on Trump’s campaign, and he has so many popular votes that a contested convention seems absurd.


Love him or hate him, I am personally happy that Trump has done what he has done. He has gone head to head with the corruption in Washington, and he has won. Everyone talks about politicians taking away the power of the everyday American, and through this election and Trump’s campaign, he has given it right back.