Glenn Beck Gives Ominous Message to Listeners

In our technology era, news has changed completely. You no longer have to wait till 5pm to find out what happened that day, or flip open the paper in the morning to read about world news. Instead, you have information constantly available and the news cycle is 24 hours 7 days a week. Because of this, what we see instead are news commentators, who have amassed a following just as big, just as effective, and just as important as the information itself. The opinions given from these news commentators are just as important as Super PACs, and can drive or change an election.

For this reason, Glenn Beck is a powerful figure in the political world. His radio show and his newspaper, The Blaze, have both a loyal and eager following. The listeners hear what Beck has to say, and they believe every word of it. Like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck has a powerful weight that he can throw behind a candidate and bring them support.

Today, Beck gave his listeners a very ominous message. A man of religion, he first made national news this week by encouraging his listeners to spend a day in fasting and in prayer. He compared our time to the time of the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln saw the peril the nation was in, and asked Americans to do what Beck has now asked Americans to do. Beck gave a doomsday speech, where he says that we as Americans have let the country go down such a horrible road, that the only solution is to turn to God and to find answers in Him. He explained to his listeners that when it comes to the general election, if the Republican candidate is Donald Trump, those who are on the fence and even some Republicans will choose Hillary Clinton. If this happens, Beck says that the country will be doomed for the next fifty years.

On the eve of another important election, Ted Cruz and his new running mate, Carly Fiorina, will have to win Indiana. Cruz made a serious power move when he announced his VP, and he will now have to have the numbers to back him up. Even if he looses, however, he can count on Glenn Beck to spread his conservative message, and to encourage conservatives to do everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee.

Trump and Cruz have separated Republicans even more from one another. On this same day, a Trump supporter told Cruz to his face that he should drop out. The vendetta from both sides comes from a place of total terror-that the apocalypse is sure to come in January if their candidate does not win the White House. The messages roaming around the internet from these political commentators and their listeners is one of extreme fear, and one that centers around the potential end of the world, or at least end of the life as you know it.

What better campaign strategy to get people out and supporting the candidate of your choice? The problem lies in that Cruz supporters are talking to one another and Trump supporters are talking to one another, but both need each other if they want to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

My political comment is that I sincerely hope the Republicans do not repeat their history of ruining the election in the primary. There is a real chance a Republican candidate could beat Hillary Clinton, but that comes from a party united instead of a party at war. I agree that many people should pray and fast, and then decide if this culture of separation is really helping us in the end.