All Eyes Turn to Indiana

Another week, another state. This week, the nation turns towards Indiana as we cross our fingers for the candidate of our choice to win. But this week, Indiana means much more than other states as June 7th approaches, and the candidates need to rake in as many delegates and as many votes as possible before the July convention.

For this reason, Senator Ted Cruz has posted up in Indiana with his new running mate, Carly Fiorina. After a bold move, Cruz needs to prove that his announcement has given his campaign the momentum he needs to be a true threat to Donald Trump. In recent polls, however, Trump has an average of a nine point lead over Cruz. Trump, on the other hand, is trying to reach the 1,237 number he needs to avoid a contested convention. While this contested convention seems inevitable, it will be enough for him to really refute all Party leaders, and we can expect there to be a real revolt if Cruz is still chosen over him because of the number of wins and the number of delegates he has moving into July.

It is not over until it is over, so Trump has spent his time this past week in between Indiana and California. While Indiana will be the appetizer, California will be the final punch Trump needs to take the nomination. If he cannot deliver, we can expect Cruz to use every loophole possible as he prepares his nomination acceptance speech.

The Republican Party seems more fractured than it has ever been. Despite Trump’s first place and the amount of popular votes he has won, there are some who still staunchly oppose his nomination. Because of these reasons, all candidates left are doing everything they possibly can to show Party leaders and the American people that they deserve to be the nominee, and are the only one who can defeat Hillary Clinton.