Monthly Archives: April 2016

April 25

The 2016 Republican Primary Irony

Every four years, you hear the same speech that this is the most important election in history. Depending on the topic or the political climate, there is a sense of urgency for real change and positive action. But for the 2016 Republican primary, these words seem even more potent, and the phrase seems to apply […]

The Delegate Controversy

April 23

Candidates Focus on PA and IN

Another week, another state. That is the name of the game when it comes to election season. The amount of traveling seems never ending, as so much attention is given to one area and then dropped for the next one. This week, Republican candidates are focusing on Indiana and Pennsylvania. These two states, like New […]

April 22

Trump’s Campaign Gets Serious

Donald Trump’s campaign, so far, has really been one for the history books. This business billionaire basically went against every single thing a campaign director would tell you not to do. First of all, he had no help from special interest groups, which is normally a first step for any candidates. Second of all, he […]

April 21

Kasich Comes Clean About Contested Convention Hopes

The murmurs about a contested convention are getting louder as the summer approaches. There have been rumors about Paul Ryan joining the mix, there are petitions to get Marco Rubio back in the game roaming around the Internet, and Mitt Romney is slowly urging politicians to give it a shot. But the man who seems […]

April 21

Inside the Delegate Mayhem

If you are like me, then you probably had to flip through your old High School American History textbook to figure out what it up with all this talk about delegates. And if you are like me again, you will realize that this is one of those twisted rules in the election process that leaves […]

April 20

Trump Sweeps New York

Yesterday, Donald Trump had probably his best day this whole election cycle. Not only did he win New York, he dominated New York. He won all New York delegates, and now, is absolutely confident he can take it all the way to the nomination. How a candidate does in their home state is one of […]