Cruz Includes Fiorina on Campaign Page

Many say that you should “fake it till you make it,” and Senator Ted Cruz is doing jus that. After jumping the gun and announcing that Carly Fiorina will be his Vice President if nominated as the Republican candidate, he has now fully adopted her as part of his ticket- and more importantly, acts like he has the ticket. On his official campaign page, the logo has changed to include Fiorina’s name, and also includes her picture. There is no doubt, from both of these individuals, that they fully believe without an ounce of doubt that they will make it through the summer to combat Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has already made history in that he has received more votes in his Republican primary than any other candidate. Already, he has 100,000 more votes that Mitt Romney. If you remember when Romney became the nominee, there was such a feeling that there was unanimous support amongst Republicans that he should be the nominee. But even with Trump’s huge success, Cruz and those who support him believe that he should be the nominee. So much so, that Cruz is the only candidate to have picked a VP this early in the race.

Cruz’s announcement that Fiorina would be his running mate was¬†strategic. Right after losing fives states, many expected his announcement would be that he would drop out of the race. Instead, it was not only that he would stay in it, but that he is so confident his “courageous conservatives” will fight for him, that he has already chosen his VP. Now, Carly Fiorina is all over the news, alongside Ted Cruz, giving the candidates both some new attention right after Trump’s huge northeast victory.

California will be a turning point for everyone’s campaign. Trump could possibly secure the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination. But as nothing is set in stone in politics, we can expect that even if Trump receives these delegates, Cruz will find a way to ensure the convention is contested. He is so sure, that he has Fiorina in his logo and by his side at all campaign events.