The Donald Trump Whiplash

If you are living under a rock, then you probably missed some huge news from last night. After a rally in Costa Mesa, anti-Trump volunteers lost their minds.

For some time now, there have been “peaceful” protesters attending Trump rallies. In a room full of avid Trump supporters, they begin to scream how Trump is a racist, sexist, violent man. You can expect Trump’s supporters response to this: they gather into a circle around the protester and start to chant “Trump.” Then, in one rally, Trump implied that it was okay to use violence against the person disrupting his event. Other candidate immediately seized on this opportunity, and showed this as an example that Trump is the next Hitler, and that once elected, violence will be the new normal.

Then, after a Trump rally last night in Costa Mesa, California, there was no denying who the peaceful were and who the violent were. The Trump protesters went crazy, punching police cars and stopping traffic on the free way. There is a poignant video of one Trump supporter praying in her car as chaos surrounds her, and she realizes there is no where to run.

If anything, this can be a preview to what we expect to happen in July if Donald Trump becomes the nominee. So, why does everyone feel so strongly about Donald Trump? What is it that makes them want to violently react to try and stop him? In my mind, it is because he is winning, and they realize that even though they so strongly disagree with him, thousands do not. Because of this, there is a strong likelihood he could become president of the United States.

In a democratic system, the one who wins the most votes should be the one who wins the White House. What is so infuriating to Donald Trump protesters is that although they fully support this type of government system, and strongly believe everyone has the right to vote, they cannot control who voters choose as their candidate. They cannot use media to force the opinion onto a voter, and moreover, any scandal or any example of Trump crossing the line has zero impact on those who vote for Trump. Really, the reason they have to go to a rally and scream their head off, is because in their mind there is nothing else they can do.

Trump supporters will never abandon him, because in their own minds, their life has gotten to a point of no return. In their minds, their quality of life is at a low, and the system has failed them. So besides Trump’s politically incorrect comments, all they see is his ability to turn the economy around. They do not care if he is any sexist or racist, because they need to see their quality of life turn around, and quickly. America has turned a blind eye to Trump supporters, and now, the country is seeing the effect.