The Pros and Cons to Cruz’s Big Announcement

After Trump won big in five Northeast states, there was definitely a feeling of huge momentum for the candidate and his campaign. From his wins, Trump said he was the “presumptive nominee.” As we have seen in this election cycle, wins like this are turning points for all candidates. After South Carolina, we saw Jeb Bush drop out. After Florida, we saw Marco Rubio drop out. The list goes on and on, because just as a big win fuels a campaign, a big loss leaves a campaign on empty.

So, after Tuesday’s election results, Ted Cruz promised to make a big announcement. Because of this precedent, however, he was very clear to ensure his supporters he was not dropping out of the race. Media outlets caught wind of what this huge news would be, so it was no surprise to anyone when he proclaimed the one time candidate, Carly Fiorina, would be his VP.

Now, this announcement is definitely unprecedented. Normally, a candidate does not announce who their Vice President will be until they have officially received the nominee. In a primary that is anything but normal, many proclaim that this was a good move, for it shows how serious Cruz is about becoming the Republican candidate. For others, this is a hopeless attempt at holding on to a lost race, and is more of an act of conceit that is incongruent with the American people’s obvious desires.

The idea of a contested convention almost seems like a reality at this point. Although Trump has already received 100,000 more popular votes than Romney did in his entire primary, Party leaders refuse to accept Donald Trump as the natural nominee. Cruz has promised, although he is in second place, that he will go all the way. For these reasons, here are the pros and cons to his announcement.

Pros: Cruz will receive all of Carly Fiorina’s supporters. In fact, this looks like it was pre planed, as Cruz’s PAC donated to Fiorina’s PAC. Fiorina, who is known for her fiery one liners at the debates, has stated over and over again that she is the only candidate, especially because of her gender, who can toe the line with Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, as California is her home state, Cruz will want to take as many delegates as he can for himself  from Trump as June 7th approaches. From announcing Fiorina as his running mate, he is clearly hoping that her supporters in her home state will help him get that many more votes he needs to have a real chance of beating Trump in a contested convention. For Party leaders, this is further proof that Cruz would be the better candidate than Trump, as he has chosen a candidate who is also a Party insider but proclaims to be “anti Washington elite.”For Cruz, Fiorina, and the Republican National Committee, this is the perfect team. Also, as Fiorina is a woman, the two can now successfully go after the women’s vote, and play the “woman’s card.”

Cons: Fiorina dropped out for a reason. Although she had some supporters, it was not enough to take her past New Hampshire. Furthermore, she lost in a big way in California when she ran for the Senate, so vying for her voters in California is not the best bet. From Facebook comments, it is also clear that this announcement has not moved Trump supporters the slightest bit. In fact, those who are on the fence, view this as a presumptive move that shows arrogance instead of conviction. Because Cruz has already announced his VP, it can be deduced that he has already spoken to enough “insiders,” that he will get the nominee. This election has brought a lot of light to the power of the people versus the power of the party, and the people are starting to think they have no voice at all. An announcement like this, further proves this theory. For those who want real change, this is now another familiar face saying the same things. After losing in five states, Facebook comments show voters to believe Cruz is out of touch with reality, and is going to somehow sneak his way into being the candidate even though he has lost the popular vote.

This election cycle has been nothing less than tumultuous. Cruz will stop at nothing until he becomes the Republican candidate. He has the strategies planned and knows the intricacies of the primary election, so his announcement shows that he absolutely foresees himself making an acceptance speech in July. What this announcement also shows is that the alliance between Kasich and Cruz is not one of President and VP, so the real question is which candidate thinks they will benefit the most from making it? From Cruz’s declaration yesterday, it looks like the Texas senator does.