Candidates Focus on PA and IN

Another week, another state. That is the name of the game when it comes to election season. The amount of traveling seems never ending, as so much attention is given to one area and then dropped for the next one. This week, Republican candidates are focusing on Indiana and Pennsylvania.

These two states, like New York, are full of a different type of Republican. Pennsylvania is considered a purple state, with the voters choosing a right wing conservative like Senator Rick Santorum, but also voting blue in 2012. For this reason, the state is really unknown for who they will choose in a primary or general election. Right now, the polls are all for Trump, but there is also a faction within the state of evangelicals who are in favor of Ted Cruz. For Indiana, Trump and Cruz are more neck and neck. Both candidates are positing pictures of the big crowds they are drawing. Right now, there is such a push for winning delegates. Trump is trying to lock in the 1,237 he needs before June 7th; while Cruz is also figuring out the inter workings of the campaign rules to ensure when it comes to the Republican National Convention, he will be best represented.

The next big state election will be California. While Trump is dominating the polls, he will need to really do well on primary day if he wants to lock the delegates in. Indiana and Pennsylvania are like appetizers, and a win in either of these states will further accelerate either candidate’s campaign.