April 22


Trump’s Campaign Gets Serious

Donald Trump’s campaign, so far, has really been one for the history books. This business billionaire basically went against every single thing a campaign director would tell you not to do. First of all, he had no help from special interest groups, which is normally a first step for any candidates. Second of all, he shot out at a full sprint, and immediately went to the topic of illegal immigration; a topic that most politicians skirt around as much as possible. And on top of that, he offended many when he made the comment about illegals being “criminals and rapists.” That right there would normally be the kiss of death for any campaign. Instead, his polls soared. Third of all, Trump has a murky task. There are articles about him cheating on his wife and he is twice divorced. In an atmosphere that requires politicians to act sinless, this would normally be enough of a scandalous background to ostracize the Bible Belt voters. Furthermore, he has enough quotes about the appearance of women to immediately categorize him as a mysoginist. Women who support him, however, have looked over this detail. Fourth of all, we just came out of an election cycle that shamed Mitt Romney for being too rich, and therefore, unable to connect with an everyday American. But somehow, Trump has used his wealth to separate him from the rest of the candidates in a positive way, and has no problem flying in on his enormous private jet. His voters do not have a problem with it either, and in fact, they love it. Trump has completely thrown away the campaign rule book. His speeches are without teleprompters, without a press team documenting and planning his every move. Trump’s social media is very much his own, and he has more followers than his opponents. No matter what the outcome is for July, Trump has broken the precedent that you have to be a cookie cutter career politician to ever have a hope of sitting in the Oval Office. But now, as the deadline approaches for delegates or the nomination, Trump is finally getting more serious.

First, Trump is hiring a speech writer. He is going to start using teleprompters. He has lobbyists hired to help him with special interests. While many of his voters love his former approach, Trump knows he will have to get that much more serious if he really wants to go all the way. He will have to know foreign policy like the back of his hand, and start to spit out facts instead of media headlines. While he has assured everyone his populist approach will not be lost, he is aware he cannot be put in a corner like Sarah Palin was in 20o8. As a businessman, Trump knows how close he is, and is willing to adopt the textbook approach to give him the final push to get all the way to the end. He has his base of supporters, and now needs to convince those who are not convinced by him that he is serious, and is the candidate to beat Hillary Clinton.