Kasich Comes Clean About Contested Convention Hopes

The murmurs about a contested convention are getting louder as the summer approaches. There have been rumors about Paul Ryan joining the mix, there are petitions to get Marco Rubio back in the game roaming around the Internet, and Mitt Romney is slowly urging politicians to give it a shot. But the man who seems would benefit the most from a contested convention is John Kasich. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the one he posted to Instagram today is good enough to prove all of the rumors true.

In the picture that Kasich posted to his social media account, he has a simple diagram that shows why a contested convention is not as radical as the media portrays it to be. In fact, he shows that President Lincoln benefited from this kind of convention, and no one can really argue that this did not work out for the better. He wrote that for seven nominations, the nominee was not “the leader going in.” Basically, Kasich is starting to push the message that there does not to be an all out rebellion if there is a contested convention, because it has happened before. And not only just that, he is pushing that not just the party, but the entire country, electe a great president because of it.

Kasich is still very much in the primary game, despite only winning Ohio which is his home state. There is no doubt that as he continues to move forward, he has a contested convention in his mind. Many Republicans, mostly Trump supporters, have vowed to leave the party if this happens. Ben Carson even stated that if the Republican National Committee brokers their convention, it will most likely be their last. But Kasich is trying to show that this is not out of the blue, and history shows successful brokered conventions that the party and its members could support.

There were already rifts within the Republican Party before this election cycle started, and as it continues, the rifts are getting wider. Sometimes in life, things have to completely fall apart before they can come back together. The internal strife within the GOP is reaching its zenith. While a contested convention becomes more of a reality than a rumor, the fervor for this or against also grows. Trump has already said he would most likely replace Reince Priebus if elected, but he needs him first to get elected. Trump’s team is also making an effort to cozy up to party leaders in Florida this week; further proof that a contested convention is very likely to happen this July.

The convention will be held in Ohio, the very state that Kasich won. But even though it is right in his backyard, he will still need delegate votes or some more influence to beat Ted Cruz.

A contested convention could be a chance for the Republicans to finally get their act together and create some sort of unity. While everything seems to be falling apart, we have to use this time to really decide what the party wants to represent, and what they want to achieve. As July approaches, it is our chance to finally figure out who we are as Republicans. For this reason, Kasich believes he will be the answer to many voters ‘ questions, and is starting to push the idea of a contested convention on various media platforms.