Trump Sweeps New York

Yesterday, Donald Trump had probably his best day this whole election cycle. Not only did he win New York, he dominated New York. He won all New York delegates, and now, is absolutely confident he can take it all the way to the nomination.

How a candidate does in their home state is one of the most powerful moments in an election cucle. So powerful, that it caused the very strong and the very popular Marco  Rubio to step out of the race. What the three candidates who are left in the Republican primary have in common is that they have all won their home states. Cruz won Texas, Kasich won Ohio, and now Trump has won New York. While New York is where Trump was born and raised, a New York Republican is considered more moderate than a Texas Republican. And as everyone knows, Trump has been labeled by the media to be exactly the opposite of moderate. For this reason, his win is even more indicative of what the voters believe versus what the media portrays. In fact, once we get through the grueling Republican primary, we might see a different side of Trump that is much more to the middle instead of far right. Hillary Clinton was also victorious last night, as she used to be a senator from this state. We may expect to see these two New Yorkers in the general election.

Even if there is s brokered election, at this point, Trump will find a way to run in the general election. As he continues to hold the most delegates, he is confident that he should get the party vote. The party, however, has to nominate him, and it has already been made clear that there are question marks around that issue. If this happens, we can almost for sure expect Trump to run as an Independent, and for all of his voters to completely leave the party. In fact, we may see the birth of a new party altogether.

While many still had question marks about Trump in their mind before the New York primary, those question marks truly are put to rest after yesterday. While there are always stereotypes of “crazy Republicans,” New York has somehow never been associated with that term. And despite this  , New York Republicans came out in overwhelming numbers for Donald Trump.

The party is indeed split into factions, and members have joined the #nevertrump or #lyinted teams with such loyalty it is hard to imagine the two ever coming back together. Trump’s cover photo on his Facebook page has the hashtag #newyorkvalues, while Cruz criticized New York for those qualities. This truly is a symbol of the difference between two types of Republicans. And while Trump has lots of momentum right now after his win, you can expect Cruz to find every loophole in the system to ensure he becomes the Republican nominee.

Normally, the matter would be settled at the convention. But in this election, it seems as though the matter will not be settled until the next Commander in Chief is sworn into office.