Trump Leads in New York

Donald Trump’s name is really synonymous with New York City. Throughout the city, you can find a Trump building, whether it is on the West Side Highway or in SoHo. Donald Trump is very much a New Yorker, and is clear about how much he loves that city. The question was, however, if the city and the state loves him back.

And for right now, according to the poll numbers the answer appears to be yes. Trump attended a rally in Albany, New York at the Times Union Center. Far away from his home in Manhattan, this was a test to how those upstate felt about the billionaire. The answer was loud and clear: they loved him. People started to line up hours before he got on stage, and were frantically looking for seats as most had been taken. The floor was packed and the nose bleed section full. Trump definitely resonated with his upstate New Yorkers.

The same has been for Rochester, for Long Island, for all the other non Manhattan places in the state. Trump easily can point out Cruz’s statement in the debate, when he said Trump had “New York values,” and was a “New York Republican.” At the debate, Trump immediately fired back, stating how resilient and strong New Yorkers were after 9/11. He reminded everyone about this statement in Albany and in other cities. For New Yorkers, Trump could not have said a better statement.

And maybe, the reason Cruz is in third place in New York is because of these remarks. Trump, for right now, is in the 60s according to most polls, followed by Kasich and then Cruz. It looks like come Tuesday, Trump will easily get his home state, which is the next big primary coming up.