Ryan Promises He Won’t Seek White House

There are already talks of a brokered Republican National Convention. In fact, it seems inevitable. As Trump supporters ramp up, and as Cruz supporters start to fight, and as Kasich continues to nicely be in the background without really being in the game, it seems like the only option is to pick an entirely new candidate.

What many people do not understand is that you cannot win the primary to get the nomination. There is a complex process with delegates, and it is assumed that once you reach the number you will be the nominee. But the party leaders can very easily ignore the delegates and choose a candidate they want. This is what is causing a major uproar for Trump supporters, who view this as another example that the Republican Party leaders are out of touch and corrupt.

But if the party leaders did pick someone, it seems like at this point the only person to pick would be Speaker Paul Ryan. It is almost a deja vu type of situation, where the Tea Party members of Congress are the watchdogs, and the Party leaders are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you recall, Representative Kevin McCarthy was easily in line to be the next Speaker of the House. In a sudden sweeping change of events, there were talks that it should be Paul Ryan. Although Ryan was not part of the leadership team, his rising star status sparked new talks. Ryan, however, insisted that there was no possible way he would ever become Speaker. He assured everyone that he did not want to spend time fundraising and away from his family. Next thing we know, the House easily votes Ryan in as Speaker, and he is not only successful with his new job, he is popular.

Now, Ryan is saying the same thing about a brokered convention. Even though the topic keeps coming up again and again, Ryan assures everyone that the only way he will be president is if he actually runs for the office. But as we saw with his Speakership, things can change overnight, and we might just see Speaker Paul Ryan as the brokered nominee.