Republicans Head to Albany

New York is yet another one of those important primaries which act as crystal balls before the election. In fact, New York and California are the last two major states that will really show a candidate’s power in the general election, and how we can expect them to play against the Democrat nominee. For this reason, the presidential candidates are heading up to the capital of New York today.

John Kasich will be at the Fort Orange Club at noon, where he will be speaking with a smaller group before he heads to Lasalle Institute, an all boys private school. Trump, as expected is doing it as big as always. He will be holding a rally tonight at the Times Union Center. This buildings holds thousands, and it looks like that as always, there will be a line to get in. For Sanders, he is drawing the same amount of attendees at Trump. There is already a line to hear Sanders speak, and one person said they don’t care what he has to say, they just want to hear what he has to say.

The excitement for this election seems to grow everyday. Cruz is going to have a hard time in New York, especially after his comment that Trump is a “New York Republican” with “New York values.” On the local radio stations, no one has talked about Cruz with any sort of excitement at all. And it turns out he won’t be in that part of the state, and is instead, focusing on California.