The Wisconsin Primary

Time seems to speed up during primary season, and somehow, it is already voting day in Wisconsin. And as every state has been, there are polls and front runners and rallies and town halls, but anything can happen and the winner is never set in stone.

But as this time does go on, the race is getting much more serious. The beginning of the election cycle is something like the Wild West. There is so much excitement for each candidate, and they genuinely believe they are the one to win, and envision themselves sitting in the Oval Office. But by this time, the initial sprint starts to slow down, and the campaign and the candidate find themselves tired, but there is no chance of taking a rest. There is also significant amount of time to see a candidate’s campaign, which allows their opponents to attack things said and not said. The first drudge has fallen upon the campaign cycle. Even the media seems a little less excited about the whole thing.

But for the Republicans, there is no stopping. Trump is upping his campaign advertisements, and traveling and moving just as fast as he did from the start of the race. As for Cruz, he is using the time that has passed to find every mistake in Trump’s campaign, and show conservatives that Trump is fooling them because really, he is a New York liberal. But the guy with the eyes most on the prize by far is John Kasich. The candidate has only won one state, which is the one he is governor in, and you would think by his victory speech that he won the entire election. There is no doubt at this point Kasich wants a brokered convention, and he believes if he is still in the race, he will be the most obvious choice.

So Wisconsin tomorrow will matter just like all the other primaries, as it will show what Republicans in a blue state are looking for. As Walker is very conservative, his followers will have to decide to either agree with his endorsement and vote for Cruz, or join the Trump movement to make America great again. As for Kasich, he is winning in one poll, so maybe he will surprise everyone and start to show that he really should be the Republican candidate.