Trump Gets Official

Many life coaches will tell us about creating our own realities. Others will say the quote “fake it till you make it.” Regardless of your philosophy of choice, there is definitely power in assuming a role, and it affects how people see you. Think about at the convention. In 2012, everyone introduced Romney as the next President of the United States like he had already won. There’s power in the image you present and how people then see you. No candidate really understands this as well as Donald Trump, and if you want to know if it really works or not, just think about how he is in first place.

For starters, Trump used his wealth to his advantage. Many politicians try to downplay the money they have so they can be seen as “one of the people.” Trump, in contrast, put his money on display to show that he made himself way more money than anyone else, and therefore, will apply the same methods America’s economy. As unemployment is on the rise and people feel that their quality of life is on the decline, he has somehow used props like his Boeing 737 and private helicopters to his advantage, and branded himself as a larger than life individual who will “make America great again.”

As July approaches, Trump is planting the seed in everyone’s head of him as president with imagery. Last night, he posted a picture of himself meeting with his “national security team.” Amongst this group was Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, and the picture shows the men intently listening to what he had to say. National Security will be another hot topic issue for this upcoming election. In wake of the Brussells terrorist attack, many Americans view the economy and national security as the two most important topics to think about when going to the polls. For this reason, a picture of a team meeting on this very topic is beyond smart for this election cycle. Trump is showing everyone that he is taking active steps to put plans in place, so by the time he is sworn into office, he will hit the ground running.

Many of Trump’s voters vote for him because he promises action. They view DC and the politicians there as incapable of getting anything done. Before this election cycle started, this was the theme on every news station: constant gridlock in DC. For this reason, Trump showing that he is already solving the gridlock problem, even before he is POTUS, will have a huge impact on voters.

Trump is a successful business man for a reason. And in this election, he is applying the same marketing and branding that made him successful. By already assuming the position and acting as if he is already president, a lot of on the fence voters may get on board, and view his campaign as both active and dynamic.