Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 24

Brussels Attack Opens Conversation on Refugees

On Fox News today, Rudy Guilliani made an appearance and talked about his fellow New York politician, Hillary Clinton. On the O’Reilly factor, Guiliani is now floating around the Internet because he said, “Hillary Clinton is a founding member of ISIS.” This, of course, is due to her decisions made while Secretary of State under […]

March 23

The Western Tuesday Draw

Now that the original shock factor of people actually voting for a candidate has worn off, the excitement from each state result has also died down a bit. And what we have seen, more than anything, is that it is not over until it is over. Tuesday’s have never been more exciting and less exciting […]

March 22

The Trump Attack

Yesterday, Senator Warren from Massachussetts wrote a very long reaction to Donald Trump. In her piece, she wrote that Trump is a “loser” and has been his whole life. She wrote that his bankruptcies take away any legitimacy from his acclaimed business success, and calls on all readers to unite against him this presidential race […]

Will Republicans Forgive Each Other?

March 19

The Last Men Standing

It is extremely hard to believe that after 17 candidates, the GOP is down to three. Well, maybe even two depending how you look at it, or one of you see Cruz and Kasich as RINOs or “establishment.” Regardless, with just Cruz and Kasich standing on that campaign stage and Trump off talking to AIPAC, […]

Could you get behind Paul Ryan

March 17

The Super Tuesday Surprises

On the first Super Tuesday, there was no major event or result that had everyone overly surprised. Cruz beat Trump in Texas, so there was no need for him to consider dropping out of the race. Rubio won his first state, Minesotta, so there was also no need for him to consider dropping out of […]