Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

Right before the Wisconsin primary, the one time presidential nominee was again on everyone’s lips. Who would Governor Scott Walker endorse to be the Republican nominee? This morning, he answered that question by endorsing Senator Ted Cruz.

At the beginning of this primary race, Scott Walker was very much a favorite. He shocked everyone, however, by dropping out of the race in the early stages. With 17 candidates, some way less popular and well known than Walker, this was a big surprise. Walker is a Republican governor in a blue state, and has done big things for the state’s economy through conservative reforms. Furthermore, he is very pro life, and for that reason is a favorite amongst this powerful group. There are rumors his campaign imploded, and there is a good chance we will see Walker’s name in the primary in future years. So with his popularity, his track record, and his successes in public office, his endorsement will mean a lot as we move into the Wisconsin primary.

Cruz also received the endorsement from This is not a surprise, as Cruz is also very vocally pro life. Walker returned to his state after his brief campaign with extra energy, and has continued to apply his Republican beliefs to his state. In particular, he is making college more affordable in his state, an issue that is giving Sanders great popularity amongst millennials. Walker has relatively been out of the campaign spotlight, but decided to weigh in his opinion right before such an important primary in his own state.

On his Facebook page, it is clear, however, that not all of his followers want to endorse Cruz. One person wrote that he should “I have voted for you overtime and donated to your campaigns but NO more if you endorse Cruz. Keep your nose out of it.” There are many other comments from those who are voting for Donald Trump, so while Walker’s opinion will matter, those who like Walker may not like who he decided to endorse.

In recent polls, Trump and Cruz are in a tight race for first. RealClear Politics, which combines the average from three polls, has Cruz in first with 33.0%, Trump in second with 32.3% and Kasich in third with 23.0%. As for the Optimus poll, Donald Trump is in first with 31%, Kasich in second with 29%, and Cruz in third with 27%.

While polls are only a clue, the race definitely does not seem determined as of yet. We will have to wait until April 5. For those who are true blood conservatives, Cruz’s recent scandal published by the National Enquirer will not help him, but he has time to prove that the information is false. A lot can change in the upcoming days, but the race, as of now, looks as close as ever. And just to add to the flurry of this election, there are rumors that Cruz will choose Walker as his Vice President.