March 26

Cruz Scores Major Endorsements

For a while, Cruz was relatively solo when it came to endorsements. While Trump scored Governor Christie and Senator Sessions, Cruz was still without a big name backer, his only one being one of the guys from the Duck Dynasty. But just in these past few weeks, this has turned around for Cruz, and it is making all the difference in his campaign.

The two major campaign endorsements Cruz scored was first, Carly Fiorina, and second, Governor Jeb Bush. Now these two former candidates are important in that although they did not do well in the primary, they had a very loyal following. For Fiorina, she especially appealed to young, Conservative women. Megan McCain, Senator John McCain’s daughter, was her biggest fan, so much so that she now supports Cruz after Fiorina made her announcement. Fiorina is anti Washington and anti establishment, and was clear when it came down to foreign policy and the economy. While she is no longer running for president, we can definitely expect to see her in another election cycle. Bush, on the other hand, will always have a loyal following because of his family. The Bush family is considered part of American royalty; and while the country may not have been ready for another Bush this election cycle, there will always be a reverence and respect for the family. For that reason, his endorsement also matters, and Cruz will also more than likely gain followers because of it.

Because of the last few wins Cruz had, and because of the endorsements he is now getting, the general tone in the country is turning to the question of whether or not he could truly be the nominee. While Trump is still on first place, there is such a deep hatred towards him by many in the Republican Party, that Cruz now seems like a good option.

Endorsements are always a very important part of a campaign because the purpose is to bring all the followers the support the endorser to the person they are endorsing. There has definitely been a shift now that Senator Marco Rubio suspended his campaign, and many GOP members who vow #nevertrump are going to back the only other DC guy left in the race. This is good news for Ted Cruz, who wants nothing but to sit in that Oval Office.