March 24

Brussels Attack Opens Conversation on Refugees

On Fox News today, Rudy Guilliani made an appearance and talked about his fellow New York politician, Hillary Clinton. On the O’Reilly factor, Guiliani is now floating around the Internet because he said, “Hillary Clinton is a founding member of ISIS.” This, of course, is due to her decisions made while Secretary of State under the Obama administration.

Guiliani said that Clinton had her chance to “go to the situation room,” and really “figure out a plan,” and because she did not, her lack of action lead to ISIS’ formation. Guiliani said that Clinton helped form ISIS by “being part of an administration that withdrew from Iraq.”

In the wake of the Brussels bombing, the 2016 campaign trail will change its focus to foreign policy. As Clinton was the Secretary of State for President Obama, her association with ISIS and America’s involvement in the Middle East will be especially scrutinized. Furthermore, voters will want a clear plan from their candidate in how, if elected president, they will defeat this terrorist group. Many voters believe that Obama’s approach has been apathetic. In this area, Cruz and Trump’s aggressive rhetoric is favored amongst voters who want a promise that ISIS will no longer be a threat this time next year.

Donald Trump has addressed this threat via Twitter, writing, “Just announced that as many as 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem.” And then wrote, “Europe and the U.S. must immediately stop taking in people from Syria. This will be the destruction of civilization as we know it! So sad!”

Trump has been very vocal in his refusal to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, sparking lots of criticism from those who believe this goes against the nation’s values. As a “nation of immigrants,” those for taking in refugees say that America thrives from our diversity. Those against taking in refugees say that this is not a matter of religion or diversity, and instead, a matter of security. For this reason, Trump’s strong stance against refugees has caused many to vote for him, but equally, those to vote against him. But after the Brussels attack, Trump believes that his policy proves correct, and that ISIS will pose as refugees in order to enter the United States.