March 22

The Trump Attack

Yesterday, Senator Warren from Massachussetts wrote a very long reaction to Donald Trump. In her piece, she wrote that Trump is a “loser” and has been his whole life. She wrote that his bankruptcies take away any legitimacy from his acclaimed business success, and calls on all readers to unite against him this presidential race and make sure his campaign is his biggest loss yet.

Now, for those who were just stepping into the political arena this election cycle, this would seem like an overly shocking statement written by a senator. But for those who already hate Donald Trump, this is necessary. First of all, because “he started it.” In their eyes, Trump started the name calling first, so it is okay to now call him names. They say that he uses “divisive” language and is a “bully,” but have no problem turning around and spending time making sure everyone knows that he is a “loser.” It seems like we are in a middle school cafeteria.

Dont worry, Trump hit back just as quickly. He appeared to be kind of unsure who Warren, and asked “who’s that, the Indian?” Now, those on Warren’s side have their fingers back up, pointing at him for the name calling and his political incorrectness. To put it into perspective, in the past, Warren made some controversial statements where she said she was part Native American. While she has cleared this up, stating that she always trusted her family who told had stories of her Cherokee heritage, there is in fact no proof of this. So, in typical Trump fashion, he hit her right in the spot that is her sorest. Many believe she made up she Native American roots in order to have received minority benefits.

Warren and those against Trump at this point are no better than Trump. The name calling is now both ways. And there is no end in site.