March 19

The Last Men Standing

It is extremely hard to believe that after 17 candidates, the GOP is down to three. Well, maybe even two depending how you look at it, or one of you see Cruz and Kasich as RINOs or “establishment.” Regardless, with just Cruz and Kasich standing on that campaign stage and Trump off talking to AIPAC, it is hard to believe how much has happened to get to this point, but even more hard to believe how much more there is to go.

For any party in politics, the end goal really should always be the White House. Yes, the primary is tough, but the name calling and fighting is worth it the day your candidate is sworn in. It is completely worth it to never vow allegiance when it is the primary, and then quickly forget this vow during the general election. All the craziness subsides and the party is able to rally around that one person all the way to the White House.

So now, with this primary, there are three left. Each candidate has won a major state. Cruz won Texas; Trump won Florida; and Kasich won Ohio. Because of this, each candidate believes they have what it takes to be that party champion. While Trump is the closest to the number of delegates needed to get the party nomination, it is as though everyone but his supporters have noticed. Cruz looks around and sees Rubio gone, and is most likely looking to get his colleague’s supporters. Kasich looks around and sees himself as the only governor and the only “moderate” and must be praising God for his luck that he won Ohio. In a brokered convention, you can also be that Kasich’s name would be high on that list.

Even though there are only three left, the three left strongly believe that they are the one who is needed to reform the GOP, and to beat Clinton. While Trump would seem like the clear front runner, the media and the political analysists are stating otherwise. And if you speak to anyone from each of these three campaigns, they have never been so confident that their next office will be the West Wing in the White House.

The race is not over until it’s over. With a rumored brokered convention, with Trump  in the lead and no one acting like he is, with Kasich’s name now in top headline, and with Cruz’s genius campaign methods, this statement could not be more true. The troubling part of it is, however, is whether or not the GOP will be over when the primary is over, because the cracks continue to deepen with this race.