March 17

The Super Tuesday Surprises

On the first Super Tuesday, there was no major event or result that had everyone overly surprised. Cruz beat Trump in Texas, so there was no need for him to consider dropping out of the race. Rubio won his first state, Minesotta, so there was also no need for him to consider dropping out of the race. Kasich was obviously holding on until Ohio, and it was pretty clear Carson would be calling it quits soon. So overall, Super Tuesday had gone according to plan.

And then, this week, we had Super Tueaday 2.0. At this point, the stakes were much higher. Florida, which is one of the most important purple states in the election, was up for grabs. More over, it was one of the candidate’s home state. Marco Rubio, who was long considered the underdog, but had more endorsements than any other GOP candidate, was about to break it or make it. Just like Cruz with Texas, Rubio needed Florida to continue. But as the results came in, it appeared the State chose Trump. Now, Rubio is going to have to take some serious time to reflect on what could have been his race to win. He was the sweetheart of the establishment, tough on foreign policy, and may have gotten some Hispanic votes (honestly, he should have pushed that way more). But instead, he didn’t even make it to runner up.

Another surprise was the Governor Kasich won Ohio and is continuing his run for the Oval Office. While Ohio is another extremely important purple state in the election, it is right now the only state Kasich won. Moreover, his victory speech in Ohio was like he won the whole election- he seemed genuinely surprised. So even though Kasich has won this coveted state, he is going to have to decide if he sees a future (maybe if brokered) in the Republican convention, or if he will step aside and endorse Trump or Cruz.

And speaking of Cruz, he won Missouri. He has actually won more states than any other candidate in the Republican Party besides Trump. We can also expect for Cruz to literally hold out till his last breath. He ha a strong conservative, grassroots movement behind him, and will take that momentum as far as he can.

Can we get any more surprises for this primary? I bet we can! And I think one of them will be a third party write in to run as an Independent.