March 14

The Total Trump Meltdown

Over the weekend, it seems like the Trump fury hit its boiling point, and will only get hotter. As Trump pointed out in a quote he posted on social media:

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” -Mahatma Ghandi

This quote could not better illustrate Donald Trump’s campaign. When he first announced that he was going to run, no political expert took him seriously. All eyes were on Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, and there was little expectation that Trump would be anything more than a momentary headline. But then, his poll numbers continued to rise, and his rallies grew. While the media hated him, they could no longer ignore him, because his interviews and appearances in debates made ratings for networks score. And even though they said he lost, or that he would lose, his poll numbers kept increasing. Everyone could relatively continue to ignore Trump, however, until the actual votes started. After all, poll numbers are just hypothetical, and can argued false if it is not the number you want to see.

Then, came New Hampshire. All of a sudden, Trump was no longer a phenomenon, but a true winner of the first primary in the nation. He now had real numbers behind hypothetical statistics, and the solution for those who hate him was to just laugh at him. Laugh at his hair, his speech, his lack of experience; laugh at anything that could somehow hurt his reputation and make sure he did not win again. There were memes floating around the Internet, spoofs on SNL, and everyone thought that New Hampshire was just a misstep and there was no way Trump could truly be a viable candidate for the Republican Party. Then, came South Carolina, then Super Tuesday, and the laughing turned a bit more serious.

The transition from laugh to fight really happened with John Oliver’s #makedonalddrumfagain. While a comedy, Oliver was one of the firsts to point out the real chance Trump had of winning the primary and maybe even the overall election. With a clear intention to “stop Trump,” Oliver pointed out that since 1988, every candidate who won the most Super Tuesday states became the nominee. While Oliver was making the whole situation into a joke, it was obvious that he and the rest of those who hate Trump realize that the joke is over, because Trump’s supporters are not laughing, nor do they care what the liberal media, conservative media, or politicians have to say.

And now, days before more primaries with the most important one being Florida, there is an all out war to stop Trump. It seems like all areas of the political spectrum, besides those who follow Trump, are against him. From Clinton and Sanders to Romney and Cruz, all politicians agree that someone has to stop Trump. Last weekend, we saw the fight part of the quote. A protest at a Trump rally has been painted as a full blown battle, with only one person to blame. Clinton wrote following the event, “The ugly, divisive rhetoric we’re hearing from Donald Trump- the encouragement of violence and aggression- is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. Then you have, a nonprofit funded by billionaire George Sorros, is encouraging protesters to come together and “stop Trump.” In an email, they wrote “we need to double down on our work, showing that America is better that Trump’s bullying, hate baiting, and encitments to violence.” Sorros, by the way, endorsed Bernie Sanders. Then you have Rubio, who has vowed #nevertrump, and Cruz, who said today he would consider Rubio and Kasich for positions in his cabinet once president, but would also never consider Trump.

So as of right not, we have a full blown fight against Trump and his “movement.” Everyone is picking a side, and all that is left to be seen to fulfill the quote is whether or not he will then win. Those against him will be fighting as equally heard as those for him.