March 10

Trump’s Key to Success

Since the start of his campaign, Donald Trump has been extremely active on social media. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 6.7 million on Twitter, and 6.2 million on Facebook. Now, while many would associate this with his celebrity status, Trump has done the work all social media specialists would advise for a successful new media presence. It is obvious he posts everything himself, as his language is similar to the language he uses in interviews and speeches. While most candidates have a recent college graduate try to “connect” with users of this new social media frontier, Trump has it down as a science. But the same formula he applies to this part of the campaign, he applies to all parts of his campaign, and has found huge success with it: he is simply himself.

Megyn Kelly gave Trump a rare compliment this week, stating that Trumps presence in this campaign has been a “breath of fresh air,” as it is clear he does not use a Teleprompter instead of the usual “canned speeches.” Trump, of course, immediately seized this compliment and posted an article from with the caption “Thank you Megyn!” A little compliment has been spinned in the usual Trump fashion to look like an endorsement.

But there is real truth in Kelly’s comment, and really points to the many questions to why Trump is by far in the lead for the GOP primary race. In an environment so focused on what is “politically correct” and what will “appeal to minority voters and win elections,” candidates have their speeches memorized so they never mess up. Rubio was called out by Christie for this in one debate, giving the Florida senator the nickname “robot Rubio.” Politics ha: become so stuffy and boring, with the same speeches written by the politician’s staff, that everyone simply tuned out.

So when Trump entered the race, he brought his personality with him. He said comments that would normally be a death sentence for a politician, but instead, gained followers and won states. Trump seems authentic in a world that was becoming stale. The reason the media covers Trump so much is because he brings  huge ratings, as people wait to hear what he will say or do next. There is no predictability with Trump, and people are more interesting and engaged in this election than they have been in years. We are constantly told to not be afraid to be ourselves, but politicians started to do the opposite. People could feel it, and they can feel with Trump that what he says he means. Especially because many times, he says what is highly controversial.

In an election where many reject “politics as usual,” Trump has given them exactly what they want. And because of that, people hang on his every word. Regardless of the election outcome, Trump has done a great thing for politics in that he is an example that being yourself can be a winning formula. Washington needs this, and America needs this. In a nation that was built off of individualism, Trump reminds everyone that when “you do you” there will be many people that laugh at you, but you can win.