Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 18

Rubio Has Political Endorsements, Trump has None This primary race, more than any primary race in recent history, has been one of numerous twist and turns. The biggest turn, was when Trump announced he would run for the presidency as a Republican. Then, a turn that gave everyone whiplash, was when he was number one […]

February 17

Ted Cruz’s Violent Attack Ads

Senator Ted Cruz was accused of dirty politics in Iowa. Actions included spreading a rumor that Ben Carson planned to drop out of the race, and handing out “voter report cards,” which essentially scared people into getting out to vote through fabricated social pressure and community shame When asked if these accusations were true, his […]

February 12

Why Jeb Bush Should Be Extra Happy for his Birthday

Bush has had a very hard presidential run. When he announced he would seek the presidency, many people knew that it was about time, and figured this would be an uneventful election season because obviously, Bush would win. Jeb and his supporters were so confident, in fact, that Mitt Romney, who flirted with the idea […]

February 10

Top Five Takeaways from New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Aftermath Just like the Iowa Caucus a week ago, everyone knew there would be some major changes after last night’s primary in New Hampshire. Despite weeks and weeks of campaigning, once the numbers came in, there would have to be some sort of reaction. Here are the major shakeups for this year’s […]

February 10

Why many women are “not with her”

“I can forgive Clinton for Benghazi. I can forgive Clinton for her email server. These are mistakes that at the time, she more than likely thought she was doing her best, and was under extreme pressure. What I cannot forgive, is how she destroyed the lives of women Bill Clinton took advantage of.”-A source that […]

February 10

What Will Happen if Trump Comes in Second Again?

For weeks leading into the Iowa Caucus, jaws dropped everywhere because Trump was in a solid first place. Ever since he announced his run, really, he had maintained the center stage at every debate, and was predicted to win the Caucus by a mile. For that reason, when Cruz beat him, people were again surprised. […]

February 09

A Closer Look at NH Senator, Kelly Ayotte

In honorĀ of tomorrow’s first primary, I started to think about Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire. I quickly checked her social media pages, wondering what she had been doing for the New Hampshire primary. This then surprised me, and I wondered why I had not seen her more in the media. Take Senator Ernst, from […]