February 28

Republicans Rally Behind Trump

It may be the beginning of the end in many ways for this primary season. Ahead of Super Tuesday, Trump’s campaign is increasingly gaining momentum. The first big win for him was when Govenor Chris Christie stood next to him on stage and officially endorsed him. Once his rival for the Oval Office, Christie said that Trump is someone who does not back down from what he says, and therefore, America will start to do the same (Christie is very tough on foreign policy and national security). Then, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorsed Trump. Brewer pulled her weight for Trump because of his stance on illegal immigration, stating, “The politicians in Washigton, D.C have continuously failed to secure our borders. As I’ve always said, a nation without borders is like a house without walls: it collapses.” And now, Senator Jeff Sessions, a senior politician from Alabama, joined the “Trump train.”

Ahead of such an important Election Day, these endorsements are gold. Now, Trump is legitimized as a politician, and those who were on the fence about him will most likely follow the lead of these three politicians who endorsed him.

The Republican Party is going to have to make a choice in the upcoming weeks. They will either have to stand behind Trump if he wins more states, or split into a different party. A brokered Republican convention would cross a line that the “establishment” could not recover from. These are very important days for the Republican Party, and every member will have to make a crucial choice. There are some Republicans who cannot stand the idea of Trump, and if he wins, they will have to decide if they will change their attitude towards the billionaire.

If the party can come together, there is a good chance Trump can beat Clinton. It is up to the voters and the politicians, however. Will we come together, or fall apart? This is such an important election, and there is so much change happening in this primary season. No one could ever have imagined Trump would be the front runner; but past indecision on immigration and a slow economic recovery has created the exact environment for Trump to succeed. The politicians who held office are part to blame Trump’s success, and in three states, the people have spoken. Christie, Brewer, and Sessions are standing behind Trump, and in the next few weeks, other politicians will have to make the same choice.