February 27

Christie’s Trump Card

The debate last night was no less than wild. There has been a huge reaction, and more than anyone, it is from the Republican candidates. The frustration from Rubio and Cruz was obvious last night, as each Republican who announced their run thought that this would be their year. Then, Donald Trump, who has never held political office and never had to cozy up to party leaders, came in and stole the show. At first, many believed his poll numbers were backed by nothing but hot air. Then, he won New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. With Super Tuesday quickly approaching, Trump is very close to securing the nomination.

An individual who must have been equally as shocked and mad is Chris Christie. Just two years ago, Christie was the GOP sweetheart. He is a popular Republican Govenor in a blue state, and many thought his national presence and popularity would bring him all the way to the Oval Office. He also felt the Trump effect, but more importantly, the same party leaders who once had so much faith in him abandoned him. All eyes, instead, went to Rubio, and Christie was left with little momentum, and a suspended campaign. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and he did just that today.

After last night’s debate, many Republican leader were further incensed that Trump could not be the nominee. Then, today, Trump gained a huge endorsement that legitimized his campaign, and that was from the New Jersey governor who also wanted to be president. Even though Christie dropped out of the race, his credibility and political presence is still powerful. And now, he has given this to Donald Trump. The reaction to his endorsement is shock, and proof that Trump totally has the chance to be the next president.

Christie used his Trump card, which may come back to help him in the end. There are whispers this could mean a VP spot, but more importantly, others will now follow Christie’s lead. Christie, at this point, must also be mad at the “establishment,” especially since their lack of support hurt his campaign. He said that one of the reasons he supports Trump is that “Trump is some who that keeps his word which means America will keep their word again,” which makes you believe that someone did not keep their word in Christie’s life, which may have been an empty political promise. As someone who is also part of the GOP “establishment,” Christie’s endorsement is loud and clear.

If Trump wins all the primaries coming up this Tuesday, the “establishment” will have a very tough choice to make. Will they also “join ’em” since they obviously can’t “beat ’em?” Or will they broker the Republican National Convention to pick the nominee of their choice. This is a huge turning point for the party, and will forever change political history. Because, as Carson said, if the RNC brokers the convention, it might be their last.