February 18

Cruz Pulls Another Campaign Trick

As a lawyer, you are often aware of how to push a law to almost the point of your action becoming illegal, but step back right before you cross that threshold. For Cruz, who went to Harvard Law, it is no surprise that he knows just how to do this while running his campaign for the presidency.

Everyone was genuinely confused after Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus. Not because of his victory, but because of the information that trickled out afterwards. Apparently, Cruz’s campaign pushed the rumor that Ben Carson was going to drop out of the primary race after Iowa. This was taken from the CNN news that Carson was going to go back to Florida to get a “fresh pair of clothes.” Cruz’s campaign twisted those words, in a typical lawyer fashion, to say that he was going home, which implied he would be staying at home for good. Next, it came to everyone’s attention that Cruz sent around to voters’ houses a “voter violation.” In this letter, the Cruz campaign told the recipient that they currently had a grade “F.” This was sent, “because of the low expected voter turnout,’ in that person’s “area.” Then, the told the person: “Your individual voting history as well as you neighbors’ are public record. Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well. Caucus on Monday to improve your score and please encourage your neighbors to caucus as well. A follow-up notice may be issued following Monday’s caucuses.”

While tactics like this have been used for years, the immediacy of social media and online news ensured that everyone found out about it. The result, was a bad reflection on the Cruz campaign, who seemed so desperate to win, they used fear and threat of public humiliation to get people out to vote.

After this episode, Cruz seemed to have dropped out campaign tricks for New Hampshire. The result, was Cruz in third place. He thought this was excellent news, and knew that he could regain ground in South Carolina.

So today, it is of no surprise that he pulled another trick. According to a Rubio adviser, Cruz’s campaign photoshopped a picture of Senator Marco Rubio shaking President Obama’s hand. The picture depicts Rubio, looking up admiringly at Obama, with total joy on his face. In his hand, he holds what is suggested to be an agreement between the two politicians. The text next to the picture writes, “The Rubio-Obama trade pact.” The explains, “Rubio cast the deciding vote to fast track three highly secretive trade deals negotiated by Obama and encouraging corrupt, back room deals.” And the icing on the cake? The information appears on the website, http://www.therealrubiorecord.com,” which Ted Cruz’s campaign bought and now manages. This photoshopped picture appears in the middle of the website. Other information about Rubio’s record can be found on the site, broken into sections where you can “read more.” These sections include:

1) “Rubio=Amnesty: Marco Rubio has a long record of working to expand immigration, undermine the rule of law, and reduce efforts to enforce immigration laws.”

2) “Mandate Marco: Rubio wants to expand the EPA’s power and burdensome regulations by supporting the harmful Cap and Trade program that will cost taxpayers billions and center even more power in Washington.”

2) “Big Sugar’s Puppet: Marco Rubio will say and do whatever Big Sugar lobbyists tell him. Marco Rubio has a long supported sugar subsidies and has noted to protect them.”

3) “No Show Rubio: When the real fight was being waged to defund Planned Parenthood, Marco Rubio didn’t even show up for the vote. Either of them.”

4) “No Friend of Gun Owners: As Florida Speaker, Marco Rubio supported an amendment to restrict the rights of gun owners. The former NRA president said he “has not been a friend to gun owners.”

5) “Marco on Marriage: Rather than standing for traditional marriage after the Supreme Court’s decision, Rubio said ‘we must abide by the law.'”

The information concludes with: “Marco Rubio is the Republican Obama: After more than seven years of the destructive policies of President Obama, we shouldn’t replace him with his Republican clone.”

Again, this is legal, but somehow seems to stretch information in order to benefit Senator Cruz’s agenda.. The way the page is worded makes it seem that Rubio is a traitor to the Republican Party, and is, in fact, loyal to President Obama. For those who already distrust Rubio, this strengthens their belief, reinforced by the media, that Rubio must be stopped. Really, for Cruz tp make a whole website attacking Marco Rubio, it looks like he may see his colleague as his biggest threat for the nomination.